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Default Ecwid not calculating prices correctly with VAT

We have been in contact with Ecwid support about this issue and have not yet received a resolution to it. I was wondering whether others are facing this same issue. If not, please let us know how you are setting up your pricing and VAT in order for Ecwid to correctly show final pricing.

Here is an example of the problem. We have a product that costs CHF 69.00 including the Swiss VAT of 7.7%. In our Ecwid catalog, we have entered the price without VAT as CHF 64.0669. We have entered the delivery charge as CHF 8.3565 (CHF 9.00 with VAT). Total price with delivery without VAT is CHF 72.4234. 7.7% VAT is CHF 5.5766. Total price with VAT is CHF 78.00. This is the correct price of CHF 69.00 plus CHF 9.00 delivery, VAT included.

However, Ecwid is consistently showing a final price (and therefore the customer is being charged) of CHF 77.95!

For me this is simply bad rounding. Ecwid support keeps telling us that tax rounding is complicated.

Surely we cannot be the only Ecwid customer that has this problem?