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2. You can set up a fixed rate shipping fee per item for such products at Ecwid Admin > Catalog > Products > Edit product > Tax and Shipping tab > Fixed rate per item.
If I use this, i see no shipping costs at all at checkout.
I thought if I use a fixed shipping rate for some products, that the shipping cost would just be added up and shown at checkout...

For e.g. if I order 6 bottles the shipping rate of them is 8.90 (calculated by weight, setup by me). If I then ad a product with a fixed shipping cost, they are not added to the 8.90 calculated for the shipping of the bottles, but instead no shipping costs are shown...
That's the problem.

For my shop I have shipping boxes for 6 or 12 bottles with fixed shipping rate. Any other item ordered at top of the bottles from the shop needs to be shipped in an extra box anyway so, I need two shippings that apply on my orders.
I hope you understand what I want my shop to do :-)
Thanks for help