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Originally Posted by Jamie McMinnis View Post
I love the new features - but I have a few issues! please help.
The main problems are with the bulk order price option.
1. size of qty box.
2. price update
3. volume costs per unit not total
4. combined total price

1. the qty box is not large enough for 4 figures or more (same for the basket), I run print store and my order qty can be in the thousands.
2. It doesn't update the price until in the basket, previously I used product options to allow the clients to select the qty required, however this meant our clients had to stick within our predefined qty options and sometimes we had too many to look sensible. We used drop downs and when you selected your qty the price was updated.
3. The updated version lets the user see the price breaks as a unit cost, can it be switched to show a total cost at each qty break? I realise the unit cost can be expanded with a click (nice), however they can't see the total for their required qty until they add it to their basket. Can the price update on the fly as the qty is entered?
4. If the same item is ordered more than once the basket recalculates based on total volume, this can create a problem for me - can we set selected products not to offer a combined total, I understand the benefit of this for most people, in fact for some of my digital products this is good for me too.
The width of Qty box can be customized with such rule added to your Ecwid CSS theme:
input.ecwid-productBrowser-details-qtyTextField {
width: 35px;
The exact number of pixels in the width statement may vary depending on the size you wish to get.

The price of the product currently is fixed at the base price set in the Ecwid control panel for that product, it does not change as the customer changes the quantity. We will discuss the possibilities to change that.

The bulk pricing is naturally including all items of this particular product when calculating the tiered pricing for it; this even includes the different selections of product options. However, if your product has variations over those options, they will be considered sepearte products and the bulk pricing will be calculated for the items corresponding to each variation: