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Originally Posted by Omaestro View Post
I know, that ECWID automaticaly redirect customers from paypal checkout back to store. But I need to send my customers to my prepared page after payment. Is it possible? I realy appreciate if you can help me.

Thank you

Greetings from Ecwid Customer Care team!

Yes, you are right, customers are redirected after a successful checkout by PayPal to “Thank you for your order page” of your store. It is also highly recommended to enable the "Auto Return" option of your PayPal account . You can find it on Profile → My selling tools → Website Payment Preferences page (refer to this article for more detailed information The auto-return will force your customers to return to your store.
And it is possible to redirect them to a custom page of your choice, it’s a customization with use of our JavaScript API. There’s a ready code for that here -

The following article contains the information how to modify your Ecwid store in Wix - (FAQ > “I want to apply HTML/Javascript modification to my Ecwid store in Wix. Where should I put the modification code?”)

This script handles the Ecwid “OnPageLoad” event and substitutes the standard “thank you for your order page” with the one you specify. So, a custom page URL is located within this variable:
‘var confirmationPageURL = "";’
Please insert your custom page address instead of “” of the code.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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