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Thanks a lot for reaching us out!

My understanding, you mean the estimated delivery time that is shown in brackets near the name of the shipping method, please see the screenshot:

I see that you are using carrier-calculated methods in your store, which means that Ecwid sends all the information about the package (weight, size, sender's and recipient's addresses, etc) to the shipping company and it returns the rates that are displayed on checkout.

This the delivery time shown in brackets beside the name of the shipping option is also sent to Ecwid by the shipping company (in your case it is Australia Post), so Ecwid cannot influence these dates in any way.

If you think these numbers can be misleading for your customers, you can hide them with the help of CSS. Please add the code below to your active CSS theme in your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > Design and save the changes:

span.ecwid-shippingOption-days, span.ecwid-Invoice-ShippingDetails-transitTime {
display:none !important;
Please let us know if further questions arise, we will be happy to answer them.

Thank you!
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