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Originally Posted by Taiji View Post
Is it possible to hide the PayPal Express option on this page instead? (Please see attached screenshot)

If my customers clicked on just "Checkout", it means they wish to use their credit card and not PayPal.


Recently we've completed several major improvements to the Ecwid integration with PayPal. For ex., PayPal Payments Advanced and PayPal Payments Pro methods were added. All the changes were done precisely according to the PayPal requirements which make Ecwid fully certified by PayPal.
So it's the PayPal requirement to display 'PayPal Express Checkout' payment option twice: on the bag page (before customer clicks 'checkout') and on the checkout pages when customer's selecting payment methods. A main goal of this change is thus: if customer doesn't notice or misses the Express Checkout option on the shopping bag page, they can still select this method on checkout.
This feature has been in demand by many of Ecwid store owners. Furthermore, it's proved to increase sales as noted in the above message in this thread:

Unfortunately it's not possible to hide the PayPal Express payment option from the checkout page or uncheck it (so that it isn't an option selected by default). You may want to remove it from the bag page following the instructions provided by Kess:
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