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Originally Posted by hourevolution iiis View Post

how are you & your family?

regarding: [Plugin: Ecwid: Random products] & WP Super Cache Settings

just wondering if anyone knows what settings will allow the Ecwid: Random products to work with WP Super Cache turned on?

i have tried adding ecwid & /ecwid-useful-tools/ to the Rejected URIs strings & a few other things that don't seem to work.

a point in the right direction would be wonderful!
or which strings would keep the random widget random.

I have just checked Ecwid: Random Products with WP Super Cache and can say that unfortunately it is impossible to use them together now. Let me explain why.

The main principle how WP Super Cache works is when a web-client requests a page from Wordpress at first time, WP Super Cache gathers the entire HTML code of this page and saves this code into wp-content/cache/ folder. After that when a user requests the same page (it is determined by the URL), WP Super Cache will give saved HTML page without even loading of entire WP:

It means that WP Super Cache remembers random products from the first request and keeps showing them as a part of cached page.

There is a way to work around WP Super Cache though, but it is quite complicated and requires re-writing of Random Products plugin.

Instead of generating plain HTML text, Ecwid Random Products should generate iframe or JS code, which will load code for random products (via 3rd script) after the main page (which is cached) is loaded. This JS code or iframe will be of course cached by WP Super Cache, but it will not matter since this code/iframe will always produce different collection of random products. However, this approach will increase the full time of page loading of course.

I will add memo about this problem to my TO-DO list, but unfortunately cannot promise that I will design a fix for it.
Check out newest version of Ecwid: Random Products plugin here:

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