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Originally Posted by Home Ground Coffee1 View Post
I have voted for this 3 times - unfortunately I am in the situation that if this is not a feature and is not going to be a feature within say the next 2 - 3 weeks then I will need to cancel my paid ecwid account and use other shop software. I dont want to - but subscriptions and recurring payments are essential for me. Do you see this be implemented shortly?
We are planning to implement recurring billing functionality in the future, but, unfortunately, not in the short term. However, you can create recurring invoices using the PayPal "Subscribe" button in your Ecwid products.

In this case your Ecwid store will work as a simple products catalog and all recurring billing will be fully processed on the PayPal's side.

The drawback of this method is that you can't track your orders via Ecwid control panel, but you can check new subscriptions and the payments for existing ones in your PayPal merchant account.

In order to accomplish this, the PayPal "Subscibe" button code needs to be placed in the product description of each product that can be subscribed to.

In order to generate "Subscribe" button you should:
1. Go to this page:
2. Fill in required fields and click "Create button"
3. Copy the "Subscribe" button code, which will be used on your Ecwid site.

Once you get the button code, you should to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products → Product modify page, find "Description" field, click small "HTML" button on the top right side of this field and add "Subscribe" button code in appeared textarea.

Please, note, that if you have several products with different recurring billings, "Subscribe" button should be generated for each of them separately.
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