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As always thank you for your valuable suggestions, Slice.

If you have hidden the Ecwid login links and only use the ones in Joomla, people will not be prompted to login and instead just checkout without registering (not a problem though). So far I have quite a lot of people registering but only one of these actually placed an order while being logged in.
Yes, if you use the SSO feature, than Ecwid will not show its "Sign in" links during checkout. We're considering improving this in the following way: add a way to specify the URL of your site's "Sign in/Register" pages, so Ecwid will show the "Sign in/Register" links during checkout, but they will point to your site instead of built-in Ecwid's registration forms.

When a registered customers tries to check on the progress of an order and is asked to log in, they will not have the ability to do so if they have registered through Janrain as they do not have an Ecwid password. (If they are clever, they could probably also open up a Joomla tab and log in there)
Can you please clarify this? Do you mean that if SSO is used and an unlogged customer opens a "My Account" page, he/she sees a prompt to log in with his username and password?
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