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Hi SoBe,

Here we go

Question 1.

If we install Jomsocial or Community Builder will this work with them as well? automatically keeping one logged in for purchases?
Yes, since this pluggin is based on joomla core authentication system. This plugin should be compatible with any joomla! 3rd party extension.

Question 2.

How does this work EXACTLY?
This plugin check your joomla! site every time at render time. If a user is logged, this plugin will insert at site body a "ecwid_sso_profile" javascript variable
with current signed user information to login at Ecwid store. Every time you load your Ecwid store, current logged user information is checked.
This allow you integrate your Ecwid store with any joomla! 3rd extension available.

This implementation follow document found here:

I.e. if you log in to joomla and browse site and then say, oh I want to buy something... you won't need to login via the ecwid login?
Yes, when you load store page you will be logged into Ecwid

2nd, if you are not logged into site and come accross wanting to buy something and then what happens???
At this time nothing will happen. Ecwid will respond as usual when a user is not logged.

Ecwid or Joomla (or 3rd party i.e. jomsocial) asks you to login <<< meaning, there is no need to login through ecwid anymore?
Yes, no more need to login through Ecwid. This feature could be implemented in this plugin.
ie. when a customer try access store and he/she is not logged, plugin could take care to redirect them
to joomla! core, jomsocial, community builder, etc.. login / registration page.

or is it a whichever comes first approach?
1. log into joomla logged into both?

2. log into ecwid logged into both?
NO, this plugin integrate joomla! core and any joomla! 3rd party extension to login customer into -> Ecwid.

3. log into ecwid only logged into ecwid? << have to login into site if want further site access.
Yes, log into ecwid only logged into ecwid. To avoid customer confusion I remove "Sign In" link from my clients stores.

Another thing to remember is never change your "SSO application ID". If you do, your customers registered with old AppID will
be unable to login into your ecwid store.

PM me your paypal email and if all works I will donate!
Ok, thank you very much!

I hope I have answered your questions. But If you have more, please feel free to ask

Thank you
Carlos Guimaraes

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