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Originally Posted by Kelli Swan View Post
Is there a way to apply this line of code to a the ecwid facebook app ... or to the Wordpress plugin?

Yes, it is possible to put the affiliate tracking into your shop on Wordpress. In WP Admin → Pages find your shop page, go for edit, switch the editor from Visual to Source (tabs on the top of it) and put the affiliate code before anything in the page. Save your changes and see that page on your site.

However, putting affiliate tracking code to Facebook store that is made with our free Ecwid app is not currently possible, unfortunately - you cannot edit the source of the page. But if you have 2 storefronts - one on Wordpress and one on Facebook - and put the affiliate tracking to Wordpress, then everything in your statistics that doesn't have the affiliate mark obviously came from Facebook, so it will be easy to tell orders from 2 storefronts apart.