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Originally Posted by Hiten Shah View Post

I am struggling to find which part of the CSS code controls the colour of the background colour of the 'Enter Billing Address' Form, particular when the 'My billing address is the same as shipping' button is pressed. When this button is pressed on my site, the colour of the input box and text in that box clashes and so I need to change the colour.

Would someone be able to point me to where I need to change this please?

The store location is

If I need to give any other information please let me know.

Kind regards,
If you need to change the look of the disabled input fields (they get disabled if you enable the "My billing address is the same as shipping" option), you need to apply this CSS code:

HTML Code:
div.ecwid-form input.gwt-TextBox[disabled],
div.ecwid-form select.gwt-ListBox[disabled] {
 background-color: #FIELDS-COLOR;
 color: #TEXT-COLOR;
Replace FIELDS-COLOR and TEXT-COLOR with the codes of the necessary colors.
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