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Originally Posted by Dilex Purification View Post
Shipping with MDS Collivery in the Durban area makes no provision for the suburbs like Pinetown, New Germany, Westmead, Kloof, Hillcrest, etc. Can these areas be added or what is the alternative? These areas are serviced by MDS Collivery, but the software makes no provision for this. Surely it will affect shipping rates????

Thank you.

Ecwid Customer Care Team is here.

Thank you for contacting us on this matter!

And, I'm very sorry you faced this. I'd be happy to help you with it.

I've already emailed you on this matter. And, I decided to share the solution here for those who'd be interested in it as well.

I've double checked if it is possible to use DMS Collivery as a carrier calculated method in this case. Let me explain this to you in details.

DMS Collivery is a carrier-calculated shipping method. Which means that Ecwid sends the order information (parcel dimensions, weight, origin and customer’s shipping addresses) to the carrier servers. Taking into account this information, the carrier (in your case DMS Collivery) calculates shipping rates and sends them back to Ecwid. The rates are shown to the customer on the checkout.

I proceeded to DMS Collivery online shipping rates calculator and found out that Pinetown is not included to the shipping area:

One more important thing. In general, shipping rates calculation is based on [ISO] ( data. So, we included cities to the list of each province (which you can see on the checkout) those are listed by ISO. It means that Pinetown is not included to such list for some reason. And, I assume that's why DMS Collivery does not include it on their list as well. Please, see more info here:

That's why you can not see those cities on the list.

Yet, I have a workaround for you.

As a result, your customer from Pinetown will be able to place an order in your store. Please, see this screenshot:

Setup instruction:

1 - You should create the proper destination zones in control panel > Settings > Zones page. You should create a separate zone for Pinetown, for instance:

2 - You should use a custom table as a shipping method in your control panel > Settings > Shipping page. This method allows setting individual rates by weight or subtotal. Please, see a detailed instruction here: An example:

Please, mind that you should calculate the approximate shipping rates by yourself and set it up via the custom table.

I hope this helps. Please, do let me know if it works for you.

Thank you in advance!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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