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Originally Posted by Alan McCabe1 View Post
Just wondered how far up the list the instalment plan is, would be a very useful feature,
Thanks Alan
ps I have just voted
Hi Alan,

Thank you for reaching us out and your activity at our Ideas Base!

To my regret, there is no such option as installment payment in Ecwid yet. But there are a few workarounds which will help you to set partial payments in your Ecwid store.

For example, if you set product options, you’ll be able to set partial payments for your customers. Here is the example of settings:
  1. You need to go to your Ecwid control panel > Catalog > Product > “Options” tab and create an option (for example, “How to pay”)
  2. Add three selections to it:
  • “+£0” for full price
  • “-£200” for using as a deposit
  • “-£100” as a customer’s balance.

With such settings, those customers who choose “b” or “c” selections, will pay less than regular price. Do not forget to set full price as a default product option.

The product price will be changed automatically according to the chosen option, for example:

This way your customer will pay only part for your service. When it's time to charge the rest part, issue the new invoice for this customer via your payment account. For instance, PayPal allows creating ad-hoc invoices:

There is another way to set installment payment method which is PayPal Credit. It is available for merchants from the US only. When merchant upgrade to PayPal advanced payment method, Paypal credit option will be automatically displayed at the checkout page in Ecwid.

Hope that helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any further questions arise.

Thank you!
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