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Power up your sales with Facebook advertising

Automatically create personalized ads for your customers, so you can manage less and sell more. All it takes is a couple clicks.

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Automate your Facebook ads

We’ll identify the right audience for each product, and create ads tailored to those shoppers. Just set up your campaign once, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Convert window shoppers into paying customers

Using dynamic product ads, Facebook will track shoppers who visit your website and advertise products they considered but didn’t buy.

What is remarketing?

Wanna convert window shoppers to paying customers? Remarketing uses data collected from your website to deliver targeted advertisements to previously engaged visitors based on actions they took on your website (like viewing a particular product). By focusing on shoppers who’ve already considered buying (i.e. are “lower” in your sales funnel), remarketing ads are one of the most cost-efficient forms of digital advertising, with a significantly lower cost-per-acquisition than traditional “cold” advertising.
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Get Your Products in Front of New Customers

Use Facebook Shops to sell and advertise your products on Facebook and Instagram. Customers who visit your store can browse your items, make purchases, and learn more about your business.

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Add Facebook Messenger live chat (a Message Us button) to your online store so your customers can contact you through Facebook Messenger.

Start a Facebook Store in minutes

Forget social sharing. You’re ready for social selling.

Key Reasons
to Advertise on Facebook

Sponsored Facebook advertising could be just the boost your business needs. Here are 3 key reasons you should advertise on Facebook:

1. 2.91 billion people use Facebook every day. That means your customers are there waiting for you. Facebook advertisements are an excellent method to reach your consumers directly.

2. There’s no platform that uses targeting as effectively as Facebook. They have a lot of practice in understanding their customers and can use their knowledge to provide highly targeted advertising to small business owners. It’s difficult to overstate how beneficial and cost-effective this type of advertising can be for a growing business. 

3. Mobile advertisements reach your consumers while they browse on the go. Around 98.5% of Facebook users log in using their mobile phones.

4 Simple Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Facebook Ads

4 Simple Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Facebook Ads

1. Use high-quality images that contain little or no text.

Your image is competing for attention with stories from user’s friends and family. Make sure your image stands out in the crowd by not including text that covers more than 20% of the image’s area per Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

2. Photos of your products or services work best (avoid stock photos).

Use eye-catching, appealing imagery to grab your customer’s attention as they scroll through their news feed.

Focus on the things about your business that make it stand out. The people. The environment. The products. A photo of people using your product is often a very compelling image.

Make sure there’s proper lighting when taking a picture of your product and that you don’t have a crowded frame. Try using a photo app that offers an array of filters. These can take an average photo and make it feel more professional or stylized.

3. Discounts or special offers work well to attract new customers.

Start by deciding what you want your ad to do. Are you trying to push a certain product? Encourage people to visit your website? Identifying the purpose of your advertising upfront will help you attract visitors that deliver the desired results.

It’s important to use a call to action that highlights your product’s value and conveys urgency. Some examples include: limited time offer, special sale, free gift or gift with purchase, exclusive offer, loyalty rewards, or save when you spend.

4. Use Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities

Decide who your target audience is before you design your ad. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you select your image and write the caption or any surrounding text. How old are they? Where do they live? What kinds of things are they interested in? How can your product or service help make their life better?

Sell Anything
with Facebook Ads and Ecwid

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