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Bulk Product Editor

Precio: $4.99 / month
Creada por Smart IT

Simple application to edit your products in bulk

  • Bulk update all products, or filter which you want to change
  • Change properties like price, weight, quantity and more
  • Add/Remove options, and add/remove choices to these options
  • Bulk Enable/Disable products in your store

A lot of products to deal with, and no time to do it one by one!? We can help you!

Your business is getting bigger and your time is getting shorter. We know all about that. To help you we created this productivity tool which allows you to edit your products in a better and more efficient way.

I’m able to make changes to my listings with very little effort, and when I get stuck, which I often do, the app developer is very responsive and helpful. And when I requested the need need to make a specific change, he responded by adding the ability to make that change in his next update!

I am very, very happy with the Bulk Product Editor tool and recommend it to anyone. If I was able to choose a star rating, out of 5 stars, I’d give it 6.Lisa,

Just filter the products you want to change at once, choose the new values for their properties. The rest is on us. You can see what's going on at the moment, checking the current process of the operation and which products have already been changed.

The list of features include:

  • Filter products to apply changes in bulk by keyword, category, availability, attributes, dates and much more
  • Drag n' drop images and files into products
  • Clear image gallery/files
  • Change properties like: price, weight, quantity, SEO, product type and more
  • Apply absolute and percentual discounts, raise prices, revert sales prices, change bulk discounting
  • Add/remove products from a category
  • Add/remove options and values, clone from other products, import from file, remove options by type
  • Discounting/Raising prices on Options/Choices
  • Special Rounding and VAT Rouding for Base Prices, Options/Choices and Variations
  • Rename/add translation on options and values
  • Edit attribute values, clone attributes from other products
  • Auto-generate variations, filter variations to update, filter variations to delete
  • Update variations applying discounts, raising prices, changing other properties like: price, quantity, weight and more
  • Add/delete related products, enable/disable random product suggestions
  • Adding/Removing Shipping Methods from Products
  • Find and replace, substitute, append, insert texts on product name, description, SEO
  • Export product's data for integrations
  • ... and more! There's always a new feature. =-)


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Creada por Smart IT

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