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Ecwid vs. Wix

Looking for a Wix alternative?

Compare Wix to Ecwid and choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online store.

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Can’t be easier to start

Ecwid wins for Ease of Use, Ease of Setup (G2). In other words, if you just want to get started with selling online, Ecwid gives you the flexibility of embedding ecommerce in your existing site.

Wix is good when you use templates. But when you start editing it, you pull yourself into an endless struggle.

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The quickest go live time

On Ecwid, it takes less than 30 minutes to launch your store — which is why Ecwid takes the lead for the quickest go-live time. Choose from pre-designed templates, add your products, shipping, and payment methods, and start selling! No time to waste — your ecommerce journey is just minutes away.

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Born for selling anything online

Ecwid is an ecommerce platform designed for effective selling online. It provides all the necessary tools to launch and run an ecommerce business.

Wix is a site builder that will help you to build a beautiful website. But selling online is not at the core of it.

Pro sellers choose Ecwid for their ecommerce businesses.

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Start for free, upgrade when ready

Ecwid has a free plan that allows you to create your store and add products before you start paying for the platform. You don’t have to upgrade until you get your first sales.

With Wix, you have to subscribe to a paid plan to create your store. You have to spend money while uploading images, writing descriptions for the products, and testing available features.

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Headless ecommerce

Ecwid lets you add ecommerce anywhere. You can start selling from scratch, on an existing website, on social media, on Google, and even in person.

With Wix, you can only create an ecommerce website. Unfortunately, you’ll have to move all your existing online business and traffic to your Wix website. Sometimes it’s painful.

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Frequent Wix concerns

Limited support
Hard to design
Hard to design for beginners
Slow load speed
Slow load speed

What our merchants are saying

My experience with Ecwid is currently really good. I work on WordPress, using Ecwid plugin. The Ecwid back-end interface is really user-friendly for the person who has to use it to manage products and orders. And the front-end interface is solid too for the customer of the e-commerce. Ecwid provides most of the tools I need to manage a small to mid-range e-commerce.
We love that it was a quick and easy process to migrate our items into ECWID. It took less than a half hour to have the bulk of our items in with current pricing. The iOS app is a joy to work with and so full featured.
I have spent months to choose e-commerce platform which will work for me. And telling you better then Ecwid for small size business- just can't find.

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