Ecwid vs. Volusion

If you’ve been searching for the best online store for your business, Ecwid offers you tons of features and advantages over the numerous eCommerce options available to you, including Volusion. If you’ve been reading Volusion reviews and exploring various online stores, you’ve probably already discovered that not all are created equal. Though sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly why one is better than the other. To help you better understand the benefits of using Ecwid as a Volusion alternative, we offer you this comparison chart showing the features of Ecwid vs. Volusion.

This Ecwid and Volusion review will highlight some of the important differences between the two platforms. You want to choose the right online store for your business, and by seeing exactly how Ecwid can help you grow your business, sell more products and get more customers, we believe you’ll soon see the right choice for you.

Start Selling with Ecwid

Keep Your Existing Site

Start Over and be Locked-In

Setting up Ecwid is quick and easy with the flexibility to add your online store to any CMS platform or custom site

Must start from scratch and create a new website. Setting up a Volusion store requires a lot of time and technical know-how

Free Plan

Free Trial

Feature-rich free plan always available with tons of included features to run your online store.

Starter plan is $15/month and prices go up from there for other plans

Tons of features included in free plan at no additional cost

Limited tools on free plan without upgrading to Mozu platform

  • Wide range shipping carriers and options for free
  • Free real-time shipping tracking
  • Huge variety of payment options available for no additional cost
  • Free Facebook integration
  • Free product search feature, product browser, mini-cart and more.
  • Many additional 3rd party apps require additional payment.
  • Customizing your store can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have programming experience
  • Server speeds can be unreliable when you most need them.

Easy to Start

Lengthy Setup Process

Simple wizard guides you to set up products, shipping, payments in minutes without needing a web developer and integrates seamlessly with existing website

Requires building out an entire site in addition to a store before you can start selling and customization may require a developer to build out your store

Integration and Appearance

If you’ve read any other Volusion review, you’ve probably discovered that the platform limits both where your online store is located and how it appears. Since Volusion cannot be integrated into your current website, you must start from scratch and build your online store through Volusion’s website. If you have or want a separate website for your business, you must link your store to your website, which limits the look and function of your business. If any changes are made on the part of Volusion, it may affect the appearance and function of your store as well. If you’ve already designed your site or wish to create one, you won’t be able to smoothly integrate your store.

As a Volusion alternative, Ecwid offers your business tremendous flexibility when it comes to the look and function of your online store, as well as offering you the ability to integrate your store into another website. Whether you choose to use one of the major Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Joomla, any custom site, or even your Facebook page, your Ecwid online store can be seamlessly and easily integrated into your design. By doing so you maintain control of the look and feel of your store and your customers can shop directly from your website. Even if you have no design or coding experience, you can quickly add Ecwid’s shopping cart, search tool, and other modules anywhere on your site that you wish, and once their you can customize their look and function as well depending on your needs.


You may have noticed in other Volusion reviews that they only offer a limited 14-day trail for free, and after that you are required to sign up for a paid plan. Lower-priced plans with Volusion offer very limited features and support, so in order to grow your business you’re forced into costly upgrades. Even once you’ve upgraded to their premium plans with Volusion, you are likely to encounter additional service charges for features like customizable design, social media, credit card processing and more. What may initially appear to be a reasonably priced plan can quickly become expensive with Volusion, which can be especially difficult if you are a small business or sole proprietor.

Ecwid will always offer a free and feature-rich option for you to launch and manage your online store. After a quick set-up, your store will automatically come loaded with tons of useful features to build and manage your online store without you having to add on or pay for additional features. As your business grows, or if you are already a larger business, you may find that you need additional features and support, in which case we offer affordably priced plans to meet all of your e-commerce needs. With Ecwid you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs, and you’ll always get plenty of features for free and even more with our paid plans.

Customer Support

Depending on your plan level, the customer support for Volusion can be extremely limited. In many Volusion reviews, previous and current customers have complained about extremely long wait times or in some cases unresponsiveness. When they are able to get in touch with someone from Volusion, many have found that the individual is not experienced enough to answer their question, especially for technical aspects, and they are often continually transferred to someone else. All of this delay and ineffectual response can be very harmful and costly to you and your business.

Ecwid, on the other hand, provides you with a wide array of robust and comprehensive customer support options. Many questions can be quickly and easily resolved on our forums by one of our specialists or our long-time Ecwid users. You also have the option to contact us directly if you are unable to resolve your questions through the forum. Answers to many issues may be found in our thorough Frequently Asked Questions section and knowledge base. And should you decide to upgrade to one of our advanced plans, you’ll have access to one-on-one support from our team and additional support services. At Ecwid, we aim to make your e-commerce experience as productive, efficient and pleasant as possible.


If you’re trying to decide which e-commerce platform is right for your online store, Ecwid provides many compelling reasons, including easy set-up and integration, affordably priced plans and extensive customer support. You’ll always have access to our wide array of features, that make setting up and managing your online store easy. Discover how quickly and easily you can grow your business with Ecwid; we look forward to helping you.

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