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Ecwid vs. Shopware

Looking for a Shopware alternative?

Compare Shopware to Ecwid, #1 ecommerce platform in Germany. Choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online business.

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Easiest ecommerce platform

Ecwid wins for Ease of Use, Ease of Setup (G2). In other words, if you just want to get started with selling online, Ecwid gives you the flexibility of embedding ecommerce in your existing site.

Shopware can build you an e-commerce solution, but chances are you’ll need to hire a developer to make it work.

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Ecwid has no transaction fees

Commission fees? We believe that your hard-earned dollars should stay where they belong…in your pocket. A key benefit when looking for the right Shopware alternative is the real cost of doing business.

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You can build and manage your store on mobile

Wanna build an online business from your smartphone? The Ecwid Store Management Mobile App is a simple and secure tool to control and manage your store from anywhere. Create and launch your storefront, check your inventory, manage sales, and more.

Shopware has a mobile app, but you’ll need to pay extra money for using it.

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Educational materials

Shopware has an academy complete with live training, webinars, and certifications. However, Shopware provides its own forum to users that is available in German and English only. So unless you’re willing to learn a new language, it can be overwhelming.

Ecwid has help centers in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian. Also, our 5- star 24/5 Ecwid support team is eager to help with every question you have.

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Frequent Shopware concerns

Limited support
Skyrocketing pricing
Skyrocketing pricing
Transaction fees
Transaction fees
Expensive customization maintenance
Limited app availability

People trust Ecwid

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