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Ecwid vs Shopify

Looking for a Shopify alternative?

Compare Shopify to Ecwid and choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online store.


Ecommerce made easy.

With Ecwid, you get more than just an ecommerce platform. You get a company, support team and system that’s invested in your success. G2 ranks Ecwid as Easiest to Use and Best Support. Here's why:

Free forever options.

The Ecwid Forever Free plan comes with an Instant Site builder, which allows you to get your products online without an existing website or coding knowledge. Already have a website? Ecwid can be easily embedded in any CMS to give you ecommerce super powers with easy upgrade and downgrade options as you grow.

Shopify? Limited 3-day free trial that doesn't let you sell until you upgrade to a paid plan.

Easiest ecommerce platform

Ecwid wins for Ease of Use, Ease of Admin and Ease of Setup. In other words, if you just want to get to work selling online, Ecwid is the obvious choice and gives you the flexibility of embedding ecommerce in your existing site, using a whole new system or whatever you need.

Shopify can build you a site, but you have to commit everything to them.

Positive customer satisfaction

Ecwid’s NPS score (66) is twice as high as Shopify’s (34). This score derives from Ecwid’s affordability, product quality, and exceptional customer service.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most recognized customer satisfaction metrics measured by real-customer ratings on how likely they are to recommend the company's product or service to a friend.

Ecwid has no transaction fees

Commission fees? A sneaky percentage off the top? Ecwid would never! We believe that your hard-earned dollars should stay where they belong…in your pocket. A key benefit when looking for the right Shopify alternative is the real cost of doing business.

Shopify takes a 2% transaction fee for every purchase made without Shopify Payments.

Ecwid is ready for business

Do the terms “coding,” “design,” and “application integrations” make you nervous? Us too. That's why we automated all that stuff, so you'll be ready to sell right out of the box — no coding or expertise required. All you need is a great business idea, and a few minutes to set up your shop.

Shopify requires some hefty set-up and tweaking to get going, so you'll have to do your homework before you start. And if you can't get your store setup in the first 14 days, you'll need to pay for a whole month to keep trying.

You can build and manage your store on mobile

Wanna build an online business from your smartphone? The Ecwid Store Management Mobile App is a simple and secure tool to control and manage your store from anywhere. Create and launch your storefront, check your inventory, manage sales and more.

Shopify has a mobile app, but you’ll still need a desktop for store creation and layout changes.

The quickest go live time

On Ecwid, it takes less than 30 minutes to launch your store — which is why Ecwid takes the lead for the quickest go-live time. Choose from pre-designed templates, add your products, shipping, and payment methods, and start selling! No time to waste — your ecommerce journey is just minutes away.

What people say about Shopify

Weak support
Limited support
Skyrocketing pricing
Purchases commission
Transaction fees

What our merchants are saying about Ecwid vs. Shopify

“I was able to easily set-up my shopping cart over a weekend and even plug it in myself without the help of experts. In the past I have paid $8,000 and up for a shopping cart on Shopify. This one was way more simple to understand and build and I was making money within a few days!”
Administrator in Food & Beverages
“It is a good alternative specially if you don´t want something too complex like Shopify with a much lower cost and plenty options of payment methods for your customers, you can start to sell for free even with their included demo website creator.”
Camilo P (Chief Industrial Designer)
“If you want a quick easy set-up with less hassle for your e-commerce shop, then Ecwid is the best choice. I've tried many other e-commerce shop stores (mainly Shopify and Woo Commerce) and from my experience, Ecwid beats them all — hands down! There are lots of customisation options...”
“Another solution, is that similar platforms like Shopify, offer you a service but you make constant payments of everything you use, if something comes out you should also pay for it, it's one of the things that makes us bet on Ecwid, because it does not have small letters, It is direct to what you need without tricks or additional payments outside the agreed upon.”
Santiago A. (Marketing and Advertising)
“This was much easier to get up and running than Shopify. After comparing a dozen platforms once we needed to exit Shopify, Ecwid was the easy and best choice for us. Shopify did not stand behind a fraudulent purchase.”
Edward C. (Education Management)

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