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Ecwid vs. Prestashop

Looking for a Prestashop alternative?

See why Ecwid is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users.

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Ecommerce made easy

With Ecwid, you get more than just an ecommerce platform. You get a company, a support team, and a system that’s invested in your success. G2 ranks Ecwid as Easiest to Use and Best Support. Here’s why:

Optimized for sales

Based on multiple user reviews, Ecwid’s checkout, shipping, order and inventory management win Prestashop. Based on many years of experience in ecommerce, Ecwid is designed for seamless selling.

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No programming skills required

Ecwid works for any person regardless of their tech skills. Set up your store without coding. You won’t even have to install any software on your computer — all you need to do is to enter your email on and set up your store online. If you just want to get started with selling, Ecwid is the obvious choice.

Prestashop? You will need coding knowledge to set up a store with Prestashop.

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The Ecwid team takes care of your store

As an open-source ecommerce solution, Prestashop requires you to take care of the security and maintenance of your ecommerce store on your own. You’ll need to manually install updates and make them work smoothly with all the different plugins you’re using which can be challenging for non-developers. Prestashop doesn’t offer support, so you have to look up answers to your questions elsewhere.

Ecwid is a SaaS solution, which means you don’t have to worry about security and updating your software. We take care of it all — and more. If you need help with your online store, our top-rated support team is there for you via email, chat, or phone.

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What people say about Prestashop

Limited support
High costs of essential add-ons
Requires programming experience

Ecwid is in the news

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Ecwid is the most accessible e-commerce platform out there — sign up today and see what it can do for your online store!

From its ease of use to its powerful features, Ecwid brings powerful online retailing into the hands of the novice and the professional alike, all at a surprisingly affordable price. But wait… isn’t Prestashop free? Everyone likes the sound of “free,” but in Prestashop’s case, it’s not the last word on the matter. Experience tells us that when a thing sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Prestashop makes its money by drawing its customers in with the $0 price tag, and then requires them to purchase a slew of add-on modules to catch up with its competitors on functionality. At the end of the day, Prestashop does not charge for its basic service, but the aggregate cost of the modules you will need to run your store may skyrocket. Ecwid offers clear, upfront subscription plans, so you know exactly what you’re paying for before you ever hand over your credit card. For any business, particularly the small online retailer, knowledge is power.

In a head-to-head matchup, Prestashop vs Ecwid has a clear winner. Ecwid offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited online storage, and no hidden fees. Ecwid also has an extensive list of features that are built right in, including mobile admin management, top-notch SEO tools, and live chat support. Prestashop must connect with dozens of 3rd party developers in order to provide the same features, which often means having dozens of extra accounts, logins, and passwords that you’ll have to manage for all your add-ons. With all the features Ecwid offers right out of the box, Ecwid is the best choice for a Prestashop alternative.

When you are ready to get Ecwid running for your business, we will be there to help you get started. Each of our subscription levels comes with commensurate onboarding assistance, which includes a fully developed knowledge base, live chat support, or full white-glove onboarding assistance (with the Business plan or above.) Prestashop relies mostly on its community of developers and users for technical assistance, which can be hit-or-miss. So go ahead — give Ecwid a try with the Free Plan, or dive in with the level of service your business needs, and we’ll help you hit the ground running!

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