Ecwid Igniter'23

Welcome to the ultimate business growth paradise! In  this season of the Ecwid Igniter series, you will find the essential tools and resources you need to sow abundance. From marketing to customer service, we have developed bountiful new features for your business to flourish. Let us guide you as you climb your way to the top of  the sequoia of success.

Watch the video

Prefer a deeper dive into our latest features? Tune into our webinar recording to learn about the most notable updates from Mike Kaess, Ecwid by  Lightspeed’s in-house expert on everything ecommerce.


Connect with customers

Create such outstanding shopping experiences that your customers will want to come back for more. We have plenty of new tools to help with that.

Power up your social media bio

Grow your social media presence across multiple platforms by making your important links easy to find in your bio. Introducing Linkup, a new essential tool for Instagrammers, TikTokers, and anyone in between. Easily create a fast, mobile-friendly page with links to all your social profiles, special deals, and even products from your Ecwid catalog. Whether you're a fashion influencer or a tech blogger, you'll be able to design your Linkup page to align with your brand image. Plus, it comes with all the insights already in place for you to analyse your page performance. With Linkup, you're more than ready for social selling!

Connect your customer data with Google faster

Understanding your customers is the key to connect with them and build loyalty—and it starts with data. It now takes just one Google Tag to send store data to both Google Ads and Google Analytics, two essential Google tools for advertising and measuring the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. They can also tell you about your store performance.

Uncover your customer's journey

What marketing channels work best for you? Where do you best connect with customers? Open the “View UTM parameters history” in the order details to see a detailed customer history. You'll see when and where your customers interacted with your brand before making a purchase. You’ll learn more about which of your marketing efforts are most effective.

Sell on WordPress at the speed of light

It's 2023 and online shoppers are less patient than ever. Don't worry, Ecwid can outpace even the most impatient customers. Storefronts added to WordPress sites now load faster than ever. A high loading speed helps retain your store visitors, especially because Google ranks fast stores higher, which translates into more organic traffic for your business.


Scale your business

Can you feel that? It feels like... Opportunity! Check out how Ecwid can help you grow your business with easier and more detailed store customization.

Tailor your checkout page for different countries

Unlock new audiences across country borders while still managing your store with ease. In addition to a fully translatable storefront, now you can add translations to custom checkout fields, including titles, placeholders, and field texts. No matter how customized your checkout flow is, showing it in multiple languages has never been easier. We’ve also added multilingual SEO fields to boost your Google ratings abroad.

Cover transaction fees of third-party payment gateways

While Ecwid itself doesn't charge transactions fees, integrated payment providers typically do. To cover those expenses, you can set up an additional fee and require it when a customer chooses a specific payment method at checkout.

Get help customizing your store and operations

Your business is unique—and so is your Ecwid store. Whenever you need a custom solution to your store (for example, integrating a specific payment method or totally changing the checkout page), our Customization team is on it. Reach out to them right from your control panel via Apps → Custom development services.

Sell subscriptions through native Lightspeed Payments

Looking for ways to expand your business and sell subscriptions in the US? Check out Lightspeed Payments, our fully integrated payment platform for your Ecwid store. With Lightspeed, you can accept all major debit and credit cards, plus Google Pay/Apple Pay. You can also manage your payments right in the control panel, now including subscriptions!

Customize your Instant site with JavaScript code

Gain more flexibility when integrating your online store with other tools by adding customized JavaScript code to the “body” section of the Instant Site. Here are some ideas:

  • Get attention through custom pop-ups
  • Make cosmetic changes to your website
  • Add Booking/Rental integrations
  • Connect with your customers through Zendesk, Whatsapp, and other widgets.

New to Instant Site? It’s a super fast way to create an ecommerce website without coding. And it’s free.

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Simplify your business

We get it: as a business owner, you have a lot on your schedule. That’s why simplicity is one of Ecwid’s driving principles—and simplicity can be powerful.

Do more with just a smartphone

Who wants to carry their computer on them all day long? There's no need to anymore! Manage orders, products, run promotions, and get notified about new sales on your phone with Ecwid’s mobile store management apps for iOS and Android. Get to know the latest additions to the apps, but make sure to test drive all of their features—they have many tools you might not have even known you needed!


If you’re team iOS:

  • Manage transactions and payouts through Lightspeed Payments
  • Easily distinguish pre-orders from the regular orders with a new “Pre-order” notice
  • Manage catalog translations to make your catalog multilingual
  • Add a reminder to any order via the order details
  • Save time by adding product descriptions using your smartphone camera
  • Start where you left off: the app will “remember” where you were on the page and restore it when you open the app again
  • Manage orders better with improved order filters and the ability to save your filter settings.

If you’re team Android:

  • Use the dark mode
  • Manage product ribbons and subtitles to highlight products in the storefront
  • Easily distinguish pre-orders from the regular orders with a new “Pre-order” filter
  • Instantly get delivery routes via the order details: no need to copy-paste delivery address to your navigation app
  • Manage sales much more conveniently with new order filters.

Manage more product details in bulk


Bulk product editor already saves hours of work in catalog management every week. It's even more powerful now! Make changes to your product ribbons, weight, and dimensions of product variations at scale using our fast spreadsheet-like Bulk Product Editor tool.

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