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The most exciting shopping time of the year is coming! Your Ecwid store has great features to power your holiday sales.

Browse this page to discover new features and improvements from the last six months that’ll ignite your growth potential. We’ve also included a few of Ecwid’s all-time greatest hits.

Since joining forces with Lightspeed, we've been taking advantage of our expanded resources to ship new eCommerce features and upgrades even faster than before—and we're just getting started.

Watch our video

Prefer a video? Watch our webinar recording to get the details on new and notable features from Mike, Ecwid by Lightspeed’s in-house expert on all things ecommerce.

Scale your business

Sell more without increasing your workload. Check out how Ecwid can help you scale your business with improved website-building features, a fully multilingual storefront and the ability to accept pre-orders.

Get your site holiday-ready in a flash

Want to refresh your store’s design for the holiday rush but don’t have much time? Try one of 18 new ready-made design templates and update your store’s look in just a few clicks. Browse the templates by business type, select and customize the theme to suit your needs, and you're all set.

Offer international customers a local experience

Attract and convert more international customers with a multilingual site. Drive more global traffic from search engines to your online store by adding SEO tags in multiple languages. Convert those visitors into buyers with translated shipping options and order comments at checkout—all without a developer. Voilà!

Build excitement with pre-orders

38% of consumers start shopping early in the busy season to ensure their gifts are in stock. Let customers pre-order out of stock or special items so they never miss out—and you never miss a sale. This is a great way to replenish your stock without disrupting the flow of orders. You can also use it to generate excitement for unique or limited edition products.

Showcase your best-selling products

Highlight your best-selling products or categories in the Instant Site’s new Feature List section. Pick a new layout with eye-catching icons that attract visitors and drive them to pages that convert.

Boost trust with customer testimonials that pop

67.4% of online shoppers typically read between one and six customer reviews before buying. Establish trust with first-time shoppers and make it easy for them to decide by adding customer testimonials to your site. Design layouts are now more flexible, so you can display testimonials however you like.

Drive traffic to your best deals with the announcement bar

Put your best holiday deals forward. Use the Instant Site’s new announcement bar to highlight your hottest deals, lead visitors to specific pages and watch your sales grow.

Offer the gift (card) that keeps on giving

Looking for an easy way to sell more this holiday season? Offer gift cards. Not only are they popular, but 47% of consumers spend more than the value of their gift card. With Ecwid, gift cards are automatically emailed to customers after the order is placed. Everybody wins.

Create a steady revenue stream with subscription services

63% of consumers are willing to give a subscription and 70% are interested in receiving one as a gift themselves. There are subscription models in every industry. Your business can offer them, too. Products or services by subscription generate recurring revenue and make the holiday season boost last longer.

Reduce buyer hesitation with the buy now pay later option

On average, Black Friday shoppers spend $430—an amount that increases every year. Give customers the option to buy now and pay later in installments so nothing stops them from completing their purchase.

Get better results from ads with the Facebook Pixel

You can easily stay on top of your customers’ minds this holiday season. Follow the ones who visited your store but didn't buy yet with Facebook ads by installing the Facebook pixel. It's free and it’s easy. During BFCM and the holiday season, website traffic will reach record heights. Set up your tracking tools to retarget customers in the new year.

Simplify your business

Save time on store management with Ecwid updates that help you ship faster, control margins better, manage your products quickly, analyze sales channels performance and calculate taxes easily.

Speed up your shipping process

Last-minute shoppers want your products ASAP. Save yourself hours of manual work and a trip to the post office by buying shipping labels directly from your Ecwid control panel. In just a few clicks, create pre-populated labels and print them at home. A large volume of orders can make shipping costs skyrocket, but Ecwid now offers shipping labels at a discounted rate (available in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and Belgium).

Offer flexible free shipping to drive conversion

9 out of 10 consumers report that free shipping incentivizes them to shop more online. Offer free shipping coupons in your store for select shipping methods. You have more control over the areas you ship to while keeping customers happy.

Stay on top of your orders

Know exactly where each of your orders came from, be it a Facebook shop or a Google ad. Check out the order source in a new section of the order details page in your Ecwid control panel to leverage the sales channels that work best for you.

Secure your time off with blackout dates for pickup and delivery

You deserve a break. Restrict delivery schedules to specific days and time periods to prevent customers from receiving or picking up their orders while you’re away.

Update your entire product catalog in fewer clicks

Do you have a large inventory? No sweat. It’s now easier to manage your product catalog in Ecwid, just in time for the holiday frenzy. Update more details in bulk and save hours of work:

  • Assign products to categories
  • Manage product attributes
  • Update product subtitles
  • Update translations of product descriptions

Create individual display rules for out-of-stock products

Turn out of stock products into a marketing opportunity by showing how popular your merchandise is. Better yet, allow pre-orders for your out-of-stock items to convert more sales. Whatever strategy you choose, you can now set it up on a per-product level to have more control over your storefront offering.

Find products quickly with the mobile app

If you're selling in person this holiday season, you're probably using the Ecwid mobile app. This year, it's even easier to find products within the app — we've powered the barcode scanner with AI technology. You can scan and find products quickly, even in poor lighting or with low-quality images.

Connect with customers

Want to make a lasting impression on holiday shoppers? Provide an exceptional shopping experience that keeps them coming back with customizable checkout, one-touch payments and transparent shipping terms.

Convert more orders with a better checkout flow

Your business is special. Your checkout page should be too. If you need to collect particular information from customers during checkout, you can now easily add custom checkout fields out of the box. Sort your fields the way you need to. For example, display mandatory fields first to keep your customers engaged every step of the way.

Set expectations with transparent delivery dates

29% of shoppers say the most important factor during the holiday season is knowing when they can expect their items. Show estimated delivery dates on product pages to meet your customers’ expectations and get more orders.

Showcase your products in all their glory

Give shoppers a better idea of how your products look and feel with the new zoom-on-hover effect for product images. This helps shoppers make better buying decisions and reduces their odds of making a return. Don't forget to upload quality photos.

Connect with your customers through live chat

Provide customer support or offer recommendations by adding Facebook Messenger to your store and product pages. 988 million people use Facebook Messenger every month. It’s a familiar tool for your shoppers that’s easy for them to use, and an effortless way for you to close more sales.

Keep customers engaged with automated marketing emails

Do you want to recover abandoned carts, entice existing customers with a special discount, collect feedback or promote key products? You can now enable up to seven automated marketing email campaigns right in your Ecwid store to achieve those goals and more.

Accept one-touch payments through Amazon Pay

The easier it is to pay, the more customers will buy. On top of the existing 70+ payment options available in Ecwid, now you can also let your customers pay in a single click with the Amazon Pay button.

Get the support you need

Whether it’s your first or your tenth holiday sale, we’re here for you when you need support. Learn how Ecwid’s technical support is stronger than ever.

Get help in your language

Our Help Center now supports seven languages, including Dutch. Check it out to find hundreds of Ecwid tips and tricks.

Get support faster

Great support is a huge part of our mission. We’ve made it easier for you to switch between interfaces while keeping your conversation with our support team going. So if you're using Ecwid on the web and switch to our mobile app, you'll get reliable and quick assistance from the same support agent.

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