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Take control over your eBay business with your own ecommerce store

Unlock growth with no transaction fees and strict marketplaces policies. Your own standalone store is easier than you think.

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Make it about the profits

High fees are #1 pain of marketplace sellers. Ecwid hits different — see for yourself.


Own your products & customers

In your own standalone shop, you can sell anything you want while on eBay, you are limited to certain categories of products. And your customers will remember your brand, not “I’ve bought it on eBay”, while recommending your product to their friends.

You are the main character

If you know, you know: the support of large marketplaces is often customer-centric, and it’s hard to get through too. At Ecwid by Lightspeed, the support team is on a mission to make the merchants successful so you can get live, expert help with your store in a couple of clicks.
“Understood the issue immediately and got us going within 1 minute! Thanks Glen!”
“The willingness to be of assistance in every possible way to resolve issues raised. It was quite satisfying.”
“Very patient agent, found answers for all of my questions and was detailed and constructive”
“Quick feedback on several questions I asked regarding my business. Very happy with those responses. A very knowledgeable staff. Thanks again Ecwid.”
“My agent was a real pleasure!! Helpful, thoughtful, and patient!! Bloom is an asset to Ecwid!! She made my Day! and now lets Make Some Money!!! Thanks Ecwid and Bloom!!! oh yeah.... You guys should buy her Lunch. Send me the bill.”

Drive customers just as easily

Built-in ads and promotion tools aren't exclusive to eBay.

With Ecwid by Lightspeed, you can:

  • Run automated Google and Facebook ads
  • Sell on social media like Facebook or Instagram
  • Sync in-person sales with POS integrations
  • Send automated marketing emails
  • Run promotions with flexible discount rules and more.

Optimize your store management routine

With automated tax calculations, efficient order manager and a top-rated mobile app, running a business includes minimum boring tasks and is no less fun than creating your products.

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