Get your own unique domain through Ecwid and give your customers an easy way to find you. Learn more →

Get your own unique domain through Ecwid

Think of a domain as the street address for your online store. Give your customers an easy way to find you by effortlessly registering a domain for your online store through Ecwid.

Strengthen your online presence with your own domain

Help customers find you with a unique and memorable store address

Build credibility with a branded and secure domain name

Gain control over your online brand and prevent competitors from using it

Improve your visibility on Google and other search engines

Having a unique domain improves your searchability and legitimacy on Google and other search engines — while a generic domain name can make it harder to rank high in search engine results and grow your sales.

Securing a domain is as easy as 1..2..3..

Purchasing a domain through Ecwid can be done in three simple steps:

Choose your domain

Fill in your contact information

Select your payment method

We automatically take care of everything else, including hosting your domain.

Endless options to choose from

Ecwid offers access to a selection of over 350 top-level domains such as: .com, .store, .link, .inc, and more. Easily find your dream domain directly within the Ecwid control panel.

Your privacy, our priority

Every domain acquired through Ecwid automatically provides WHOIS protection to ensure that your personal information as the owner of the domain is not publically accessible. That way, you are shielded from unwanted spam.

Connecting your domain through Ecwid also guarantees that you have an SSL certificate attached to your online store that signals that you are a trusted website.

Don't wait to claim your domain

Secure your exclusive domain now. With thousands of domains registered daily, your ideal name can be gone before you know it. And, when you purchase a domain, you have the rights to it for a year, ensuring no one else can use it during that time. Of course, you can keep it forever if you choose!

Find the perfect domain using AI

Not sure what domain to use for your store? Let AI inspire you with optimized domain suggestions. Once you find the perfect one, just verify its availability and secure it on Ecwid!

The kind of support you've always wanted

Get everything you need, right when you need it. Ecwid offers unlimited support via email and chat, plus a comprehensive Help Center packed with resources.


What is a domain?
A domain serves as a unique identifier for your website, pinpointing its location on the internet. Individuals enter your domain into their web browsers to locate your online store.
Consider your domain name as the online street address for your business. Just like your physical address is where customers can visit you, your domain simplifies how customers can find you online. Learn more about domains and best practices for selecting one in our blog article.
What if I don't want to buy a domain right now?
No worries, every Ecwid account comes with a free domain, so you do not need to decide right away. You can purchase your own custom domain (or multiple domains) at any time directly through the Ecwid control panel.
What domain should I choose?
Your domain can be anything you want it to be. The only condition is that it should match your business. Read more about finding the perfect URL for your business on our blog.
When should I purchase a domain?
It is never too late or too early to buy a domain or multiple of them. Purchasing your domain guarantees it is yours for the year, so no one else can claim it. It can, of course, be extended indefinitely.
How do I connect my existing domain to Ecwid?
Ecwid merchants on a Venture, Business, or Unlimited plan can connect a third-party domain to the Instant Site. If you connect an external domain to Ecwid, we will include a free SSL certificate, ensuring that your website visitors know they can trust your site.
Check out our Help Center for more information and detailed walkthroughs to connect specific domain providers.
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