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AutoRibbons: manage ribbons easily

Preis: $7.95/month, 14-day free trial
Hergestellt von Simcase

Set up and manage automatic ribbons easier than ever!

  • Create, manage and delete ribbons easily and fast to meet your new business goals
  • Highlight new items, products on sale, or 'coming soon' positions automatically to draw customers’ attention to your shop
  • Make the rules: choose your parameters to mark proper items
  • You can enable or disable ribbons without deleting them and save successful scenarios for the future (especially good for annual events, such as Christmas sale!)

Save your time and don’t miss anything by creating auto ribbons based on your rules

Ribbons are an easy way to make your products stand out. Whether you are dealing with intense competition, or offering a sale, or generate interest for new products before launching, ribbons are a great tool. Colored labels 'New', 'Sale', or 'Coming Soon' draw attention to your products and make them special. And that's exactly why the ribbons increase your sales!

However, setting up product ribbons manually may be time-consuming. Anytime you add, replace, or delete some products, you have to think about a proper ribbon for them. And once the conditions change (Christmas sale is over, for example), you have to change ribbons for each product separately.

Work smarter, not harder! Auto Ribbons app allows you to choose scenarios for ribbons and set up rules for ribbons. Let's say, you want customers to notice your new products. You only have to set up the rule 'the product was launched less than two weeks ago', and all the new products will get their ribbons automatically! Choose a condition and ribbon’s design once and don’t worry about it anymore. And when the conditions change, all the ribbons change automatically as well.



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