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Focus on business growth, not problems!

Take Your Ecwid Store to the Next Level

We help Ecwid-based businesses overcome obstacles, reach business goals, and grow their ecommerce businesses easily and quickly.

Share your idea with us and we’ll give you the solution that fits your business model while overcoming any obstacle.

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*Our rate is 200 USD/hour excl. taxes.
Lightspeed Custom Development Terms of Use apply.

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in-house experts
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Save Time Every Day

Automate your routine tasks to save time and money. Reduce human error from your business processes and focus your resources on business development.

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Connect Your Favorite Services

Integrate the 3rd-party services you want. Automate functions, add suppliers, and delivery services.

  • Automate accounting
  • Learn how to dropship easily
  • Add custom shipping services
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Make a Memorable Checkout Experience

Deliver an exceptional checkout experience to your customers. Make it faster, easier, and more convenient. You can customize:

  • Descriptive fields
  • VAT automation
  • Payment methods
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Your Dream Design Is One Click Away

Make your store look unique! We will design your store according to your references, sketches, or mockups. Just send them along with your request and we’ll get started!

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Use Your Free Customization Hours

We give users with the annual Business and Unlimited plans 2 and 6 hours of free customization respectively.
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We Know Ecwid. We Are Ecwid.

We are an in-house Ecwid team. We’ve been developing custom features on Ecwid sites for years and understand the ins and outs like the backs of our hands.

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Customizing Works — Guaranteed

We test all customizations and features prior to release. If we deliver it, it’ll work as you expect it. Period.

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Don’t Worry About Bandwidth

All features we deliver do not require additional resources from your side. They share the same infrastructure with your store because customizations are just that—your store. You don’t need additional computer bandwidth to run your customized store because it will work without delay.

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Let's discuss your idea!

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Launch the project
When you decide that you like the result, then we'll schedule the development.
Enjoy your new features
After testing and approval, we deliver your order while you grow your ecommerce empire!

Amazing Things You Can Do
With the Ecwid Customization Service

Custom payment methods

Ecwid lets you choose from over 150+ payment methods already integrated into the platform. However, if your business requires another kind of payment method, we can connect your desired payment gateway to your store—no problem!

Integrations with third-party services

Connect accounting services, dropshipping hubs, delivery providers, and other services you need to smoothly run your business.

Design and layout customization

If you want to change the way your Ecwid store looks, we can do it in no time. Send all your examples, references, sketches, and mockups to us, and we’ll give you just what you want—guaranteed.

Storefront customizations

Do you need to show or hide specific pages for a certain group of customers only on Fridays? Although we have no idea why you need to do this, we can make it happen. Storefront tweaks and automation are here for you to do whatever you need (or want) to do.

Checkout customization

From simply adding custom fields to validating VAT IDs specified by customers via a 3rd party service, we can do it all. Try us!

Custom discounts

Are you thinking about cross-category discounts that apply automatically on checkout? No problem! We can develop any discounting logic you want to sell more products or services.

Extra fees

Add conditional fees to specific order types. Like if a customer wants products sent to an unknown shipping destination, in a large quantity, using several delivery addresses, or additional services, we can help you add fees.

Custom reports

Let’s say you need a report covering a specific period of time that calculates net profit as the product price minus the cost of production multiplied by quantity sold. We can make it happen! You need it, we do it.

Custom import and export tools

Do you want to migrate your store to Ecwid, but you don’t know how? Our team can help transfer your important data to your new Ecwid site, including products, customers, orders, and other related information.

Do you work with a specific accounting system that you don’t want to change? We can create a custom solution to sync it with your Ecwid store.

Customize your Instant Site

Let us know if you want to change the look and feel of interactive elements on your Instant Site, such as a header, footer, main navigation menu, category widgets, product cards, etc. We’ll get it done!

Customization of invoices and emails

Do you have a special requirement for invoices? Do you want to improve your transactional emails? We can help you with whatever you need.

Catalog management

Catalog management doesn’t need to take so much time to do! We can automate recurring actions, like disabling certain products on a specific date, or whatever you need to do with your catalog.

Level-Up Your Business

Describe your idea or business goal and we’ll find the best solution.

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