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Everything Clover merchants need to sell online today

Why Sell Online is Great for You

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The App Offers Simple and Flexible Pricing

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Add a store to any website
  • Sell simultaneously on multiple sites including Facebook
  • Discount coupons
  • Enhanced SEO capabilities
  • Advertise on major marketplaces
  • Ability to edit customer orders
  • Live Chat and Phone support
  • $49/month
    • Up 2500 products
  • $99/month
    • Unlimited products
    • Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ecwid do again?

Ecwid provides a full-featured e-commerce platform through its app Sell Online, which is fully synchronized with Clover and will allow merchants to sell their Clover inventory online today. The store owner can easily get started with the Ecwid Express Site, and that same store can be added to any other website, Facebook, blog, or anywhere else on the web. Learn more at

My customer just installed Sell Online. Now what?

Great! Your customer can now schedule a free 15-minute onboarding session with Ecwid’s onboarding team. We’ll help them get started with their Ecwid store, answer any questions they may have, and get them selling online as soon as possible! They can reach out to or give us a call at 800-604-0694.

How does Sell Online make me a sales rockstar?

Sell Online helps you win deals against other cloud POS solutions by turning Clover into a true online / offline solution for small businesses. The app includes full inventory synchronization between their new online store and Clover station, all with a single click from the app market. You’re opening up two sales channels for them at one time, and it’s all done right from Clover!

How does Sell Online help me make money?

In addition to helping you sell more Clover stations, Sell Online opens a new commission channel for you. Thanks to the 40+ gateway options available, you can get customers configured on your preferred gateway to ensure their e-commerce transactions goes through their merchant account. Your merchants get to easily grow sales through this new online channel, bringing their business, and your commissions, to a whole new level.

How do payments work on an Ecwid store?

Ecwid works with Payeezy, and includes over 40 different global payment options. Online store payments are processed separately from a merchant’s Clover station, but will synchronize automatically after orders have been placed.

Does this sync with a Clover station?

Yes. Clover and Ecwid developed this app so that it automatically syncs between the online store and Clover station. Merchants will see all of their Clover inventory in Ecwid, and the orders will sync automatically when someone purchases from the online store. It was designed to be as simple as possible for Clover merchants, and we’re continuing to improve that experience to give you the easiest and best solution to sell.

What if they have their own inventory app?

Sell Online is built to allow merchants to easily sell their products online. Inventory syncing is an important aspect of that, and we will work perfectly with any inventory app they may already use with their Clover station.

Does this work with mobile devices?

Yes. Ecwid was built from the ground up to be mobile-responsive, meaning the store will adapt to the screen size or device the person is using, and make sure the store looks beautiful no matter how a consumer wants to shop.

Learn more about how Sell Online by Ecwid will enable merchants to grow their business.Download our brochure and share with your clients today!

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