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How BraveBrew made over €2K before launching… Just with pre-orders!

BraveBrew, an innovative beer company, successfully set up its online store in just two weekends — and started making money right away! The quick turnaround let them generate sales before their official launch. But how, you might ask? Drum roll… With pre-orders!


What are pre-orders?

By enabling pre-orders in your online store, customers can order products that are currently out of stock, like items temporarily sold out or that you plan to officially launch later. Pre-orders give you revenue before you even send a product out the door.

How did pre-orders help BraveBrew start generating revenue?

BraveBrew embarked on its journey in February 2023 when it created an online store in just two weekends. As soon as their website went live, the company began receiving orders almost immediately thanks to the pre-order feature. Not only did they start earning money right away, but it also allowed them to efficiently manage and customize pre-orders. They could specify order limits, define availability dates, and offer live inventory updates. Pre-orders are great for business!
Case studies: Pre-orders

Results of BraveBrew's pre-orders

>€2,000 in revenue
~1,800 store visitors
~100 customers added products to their shopping carts
Benjamin Dorner
Co-founder of BraveBrew
“Ecwid’s pre-order feature is a game-changer for our beer lovers. Being able to pre-order our exceptional brews before they are even made guarantees that the beer our customers receive is as fresh as it gets.”

Set up your sales using pre-orders with Ecwid by Lightspeed

Pre-orders are available on Venture, Business, and Unlimited pricing plans on Ecwid by Lightspeed. Read more about how to accept pre-orders in the Help Center.
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