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Grondpad Vellies: sustainably crafting success with Ecwid

Grondpad Vellies is a South African leather shoe business. The brand exclusively uses cowhide leather from sustainable suppliers for their products. The venture started in 2019, selling products directly from their home. Recognizing the limitations of a physical shop and the increasing demand, they embraced Ecwid to establish a powerful online presence.


How has Ecwid helped them achieve growth?

The leather shoe business took a significant leap during the lockdown, experiencing a surge in online orders. Many Ecwid tools, such as abandoned cart recovery emails, responsive support, reports, and sales stats, became instrumental in their daily operations, providing crucial data on sales performance and aiding in decision-making.

“Ecwid has been an integral part of our growth, adapting to our changing needs. The platform's constant updates and introduction of new features have contributed to our ability to stay ahead in the competitive online market.”

Case study: Grondpad Vellies

What are the most important Ecwid features?

Abandoned cart recovery emails are a notable Ecwid feature for Grondpad Vellies. By leveraging personalized offers, they have successfully re-engaged customers who left items in their carts. This turned potential losses into 1375 recovered orders.

Also, the weekly emails from Ecwid with performance stats and bits became an indispensable tool for Grondpad Vellies. “It provides a quick snapshot of our sales performance for the previous week. This feature has become an essential part of our weekly routine,” shares Grondpad Vellies.

Case study: Grondpad Vellies

What about the numbers?

$680,000 in revenue
~11,650 orders received
~13,000 store visitors
Zanelle Wright
Zanelle Wright
Co-founder of Grondpad Vellies
Ecwid, for us, is like having our shop in our hands. The platform has empowered our dream of a leather business, providing not just an online store but a comprehensive tool that keeps us connected and in control of our business wherever we go.

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