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Ecwid E-commerce Success Story

Soundwave Art Earns 415% Return with Google Smart Shopping

Creating ad campaigns manually can be time-consuming, especially if you’re new to e-commerce advertising. Art and jewelry brand Soundwave Art solved that problem by setting its ads to autopilot with Ecwid’s Google Smart Shopping integration. The result? A 415% return on advertising spend.


“Running ads on Google can be confusing. Understanding PPC, spending hours looking over data, you almost need a full team to do it right. With the Google Smart Shopping integration, you don't have to worry about any of that!

Easily create a campaign, select the products you want to promote, and then launch. As the saying goes, ‘the first step is the hardest’. Well, this is the easiest first step you can take into the world of Google Smart Shopping Ads.”

Ecwid’s Google Smart Shopping integration automates campaign setup, syncing products, shipping, and tax settings right from your store. Then Google’s Smart Shopping technology will automatically create ads, set bids, and select placement to maximize conversions. In basic terms, Google will find the best times and locations to show your products to the shoppers most likely to make a purchase. Ads are displayed in search, YouTube, Gmail, and beyond with more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps of the Google Display Network.

And as the system learns, it will continue to make adjustments to your campaign to deliver the highest possible return on your investment. Complex targeting rules and keyword lists need not apply.

Google Smart Shopping Case Study

How Soundwave Art scored 415% return on ad spend

Soundwave Art’s team wanted to find a new advertising channel to test its sales potential. Selecting Ecwid’s Google Smart Shopping integration for their test, they launched their new campaign in three steps:
Define a target audience
English speakers in the US
Select a category
“Artwork” and “Jewelry”
Choose a product
All discounted products

Campaign results

For every $1 spent in advertising through Google Smart Shopping, Soundwave Art received $4.15 in sales.
Campaign duration — 20 days
Return on advertising spend — 415%

Google Smart Shopping is available for all Ecwid E-commerce merchants

Automated Google Smart Shopping Ads are available on all Ecwid E-commerce pricing plans, including our Forever Free plan. Read more about this tool on the Ecwid E-commerce blog and learn how to set up ad campaigns in Help Center.

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