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See how Curlworks increased revenue by $8K with email marketing

Designer husbands Olly G. and Keaton V.H began sewing custom costumes for themselves and friends. Soon their skills attracted paid clients. This is how Curlworks was born and not longer after their Ecwid online store.

They decided to try email marketing to get closer to their audience. The results were surprising as they found an easy way to increase revenue.


An easy ecommerce solution for any website

Сo-founder of Curlworks
We needed a platform that would integrate into our existing website, and Ecwid’s widget system made it easy to seamlessly embed the platform into our website with no coding required. We were able to easily customize it to match our brand.

Why email marketing?

Selling through email aka email marketing helps businesses communicate, promote products, build brand awareness, and foster customer relationships. Moreover, this method is totally cost-effective.
Case study: Curlworks

How did email marketing boost Curlworks' earnings?

Curlworks launched a monthly newsletter to share behind-the-scene updates and upcoming projects with their audience.
Subscribing is easy — customers can sign up post-purchase or through a website banner.
As a reward for subscribing, customers unlock a 10% discount coupon, enticing sales.
The emails showcase embedded products for convenient and seamless purchasing.
The outcome? Increased revenue and strengthened connection with customers.

Curlwork's results in half a year

Email marketing in Ecwid

Boost your online sales with Ecwid's built-in marketing features, such as email automation, abandoned cart recovery, scheduling, reminders, and more.

You can seamlessly integrate Mailchimp into your Ecwid store and if you want to export your email list and upload it to another platform, it's as easy as a few clicks in your control panel.

Case study: Curlworks
Olly Gibbs
Co-founder of Curlworks
We’ve been using Mailchimp for our mailing list for a while, and it was a nice surprise when we realized that we could integrate our shop with Mailchimp to allow our customers to join our mailing list directly while purchasing from our shop. I can sync and embed our shop products directly into our emails, which makes it easy to share new products with our audience in a way that looks professional!

Unleash the power of email marketing with Ecwid

Email is the ultimate marketing tool for every business. You can embrace the power of email marketing with Ecwid in-house tools like automated emails or with Mailсhimp.

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