What’s New in Your Ecwid Store: Summer ‘18
Posted Sep 1, 2018 by Qetzal, Head of Product

What’s New in Your Ecwid Store: Summer “18

Curious about how the latest Ecwid features can polish your brand and boost your sales? You’re in the right place.

This summer, we’ve launched many new features and updates to Ecwid E-commerce. Scroll down to take a tour through all the important Ecwid changes in one place.

What’s inside:

  1. Sell in Your Instagram Feed With Shoppable Posts
  2. Run Google Shopping Search Ads With No Effort
  3. Make Changes to Your E-commerce Website Easily in the New Editor
  4. Convert More Shoppers With a Streamlined Cart Page
  5. Add a Floating Shopping Bag Icon: Available for All Stores
  6. Process More Sales With Control Panel Updates
  7. Create Coupons that Apply Only to New Customers
  8. Manage Your Store on the Move With New Settings in the Ecwid Mobile App
  9. Sell on Facebook in the EU With VAT Included
  10. Get the Latest Version of Our Plugin for WordPress
  11. Sell on Wix With a Faster and More Beautiful Store
  12. Return Abandoned Customers With Zero Manual Work
  13. Expand Your Store’s Features With New Apps in the Ecwid App Market
  14. Developers, Here’s Ecwid API News You’ll Love

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Sell in Your Instagram Feed With Shoppable Posts

Shopping on Instagram has arrived to Ecwid! Now you, too, can let your followers buy your products just with a single tap.

Tag your products in your posts (and Stories soon!) just like you tag friends. By clicking this shoppable tag, your followers will go to a product page and purchase it  all within the Instagram app.

Instagram store

Considering that 80% of Instagram’s 1 billion users follow a business on Instagram, selling on Instagram gets your business in front of a very big and engaged audience of potential customers.

Ecwid makes it much easier to get started. Get your Instagram store up in two steps:

  1. Export your Ecwid products from your Facebook Product Catalog with a single click, and
  2. connect your Instagram business page to your Facebook page.

That’s it!

Instagram will take some time to review and approve your page for selling, but this online store is one of the best ways to get your products to market fast.

For more details, please read our blog post where we outlined the whole process for you to get approved faster. Note that selling on Instagram is available to Ecwid merchants on paid plans who have exported their products to Facebook and are located in one of the supported countries.

Get started

Run Google Shopping Search Ads With No Effort

Now you can automatically advertise your products on top of Google search results page to people who are searching for your products — all from your Ecwid Control Panel.

We integrated Ecwid with Google so that the sometimes complex search advertising process is available to people without special marketing skills. Without this connection, setting up Google Shopping ads would take 15-20 major steps, as well as days of work. Setting up a Google Merchant Account, AdWords account, verifying your store, and more requires following along many steps and then testing to ensure they have been integrated correctly.

Ecwid simplifies the process by tenfold. All you need to do is:

  1. pick product categories you want to advertise,
  2. determine how much money you want to spend, and 
  3. launch the campaign!

Automated Google Shopping

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your budget. The AI-based algorithm will carefully bid for you, pausing less effective campaigns and investing into successful ones. It’s just like having your own marketing guy running ads for you. Just set it and forget it!

Automated Google Shopping Ads are available for Ecwid merchants on the Venture plan and higher (additionally, you’ll need to pay Google for ads through your ad budget). Launch your automated advertising in your Ecwid Control Panel → All Sales Channels → Google Shopping.

To explain every aspect of Google Shopping, we recorded a podcast with Ricardo Lasa from SiteWit, a company that helped us to build this awesome integration. Tune in!

Make Changes to Your E-commerce Website Easily in the New Editor

Need a website to sell on? With Ecwid E-commerce, you can create and edit a one-page e-commerce website to introduce your business on the internet. Our new website editor has live-preview which is convenient to use on any device, so you can make changes to your website on the go.

Instant Site

You can add or update these sections to your Ecwid website in the new editor:

  • Title, logo, and hero image
  • Contact details
  • Business hours
  • Your brand’s story
  • Testimonials
  • Links to social pages.

There’s no need anymore to go to the Control Panel to change store name or subdomain. You can make important changes from mobile too.

Simply go to Ecwid Control Panel → Sales Channels → Instant Site and build your one-page e-commerce website for free.

That’s not the only way to manage your business on-the-go with Ecwid, though! By downloading Ecwid mobile app, you can do more than edit your website. Your Ecwid mobile app puts your Control Panel in your pocket, allowing you to manage your storefront, set up payment options and shipping methods, add products, and process your orders.

We’re constantly updating the Ecwid E-commerce website with new functionalities. This summer, Ecwid websites also got additional protection from DDoS attacks and traffic spikes, as well as better SEO.

Ecwid can work on any website, whether it’s created with Wix, WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, or developed from scratch. Or, you can sell without a website at all!

Convert More Shoppers With a Streamlined Cart Page

The new cart page in Ecwid is designed to speed up the checkout and increase your sales organically. It’s already enabled for all new Ecwid stores. If you can’t see the new cart page, please enable it in the “What’s New” section:

Enabling features

The new cart page features ensure:

  • Better abandoned cart recovery: collect emails at the first checkout step, and use recovery email to remind customers of abandoned carts and capture more sales (at least 15% end up finishing the sale!)
  • Modern design to match the rest of the new storefront and remain consistent with your brand.
  • Mobile optimization that makes the checkout process comfortable on any device.
  • Customization with CSS: if you need to hide, add, or change elements on the cart page, you can go far by creating a custom CSS theme.

New cart page in Ecwid

We’re currently revamping the checkout steps, too. Be among the first to get the new, optimized checkout flow in your store — take part in the beta testing!

You’ll also notice a new design of legal pages (e.g. “Terms & Conditions” page). They are more beautiful and give the new Ecwid storefront a nice finished look.

Add a Floating Shopping Bag Icon: Available for All Stores

We enabled the floating shopping bag icon for all Ecwid stores, including Ecwid Instant Site, the Ecwid’s app for Wix, and Ecwid e-commerce plugin for WordPress (make sure to update to the latest version).

Here’s how to get the floating shopping bag icon:

  • For Ecwid Instant Site, it’s enabled by default.
  • For WordPress, go to your WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Customize. Then click “Ecwid” in the sidebar menu → Shopping Cart Widget → Select where you want to display the icon. Read the full guide →
  • For Wix, go to Wix Website Editor → the Pages menu → Select the page where your Ecwid online store is installed → Click on the store area → Settings → Add-ons → Add to Page → Add a Floating Shopping Cart Icon. Read the full guide → 
  • For other websites, please copy-paste a piece of code from the instruction to your website admin on the page you want the icon.

The floating icon stays visible regardless of scrolling and provides your customers with easy access to the cart.

Wix store

Choose the icon design that you like the most — there are 40+ customization options. See all the available customization options and learn how to apply them in our Help Center.

Complete More Tasks in Less Time With New Control Panel Tools

If your Ecwid store is currently open, we’re pretty sure that you log in to the Control Panel almost every day. The following updates will simplify your store management routine and help you close more sales.

  • Sort products by date of creation or modification in your Control Panel → Catalog → Products to see the oldest or the latest first:

    New order page

  • Spend less time if you need to create an order manually. New orders get autofilled with customer address in Order Editor if there are previous orders from him/her.
  • Add a new shipping method is three simple steps. We redesigned the Shipping page in your Control Panel: Ecwid still has all the powerful options for shipping and in-store pickup, but now it’s much easier to set them up (even from mobile). Just select your provider from the list, select how to calculate rates for this provider (automatic, flat, custom rates, or free shipping) and set up your rates if necessary.
  • Set up payment options from any device: the Payment page is now comfortable to use on any screen size.

We also made The “Orders” and the “Catalog” pages in your Control Panel load faster — even if you have 100+ orders or tens of categories.

Create Coupons that Apply Only to New Customers

The holiday season sales are coming. That means you’ll need powerful Ecwid discount coupons soon. A new application type for discount coupons — new customers only — allows you to send out coupons that only work for new customers. With this tactic, you’ll reach out to those who have hesitated to buy from you thus far.

Set up your discount coupons in Control Panel → Discounts → Discount Coupons (available on paid Ecwid plans).

coupon types in Ecwid

The flexible coupon system in Ecwid allows you to set up special offers of all kinds: offer free shipping, discounts, or both, activate loyal or new customers, limit your coupons in time and number of uses.

Learn more about discount coupons in Ecwid → 

Manage Your Store on the Move With New Settings in the Ecwid Mobile App

Our apps for iOS and Android move the most important Control Panel features to your the smartphone in your pocket. More handly functionalities have debuted in the apps in summer, so that very soon, it’ll be possible to run an e-commerce business completely without a computer.

New on iOS (iPhone) and Android

The following features used to be available only on the desktop (in your Control Panel), and now it’s possible to do the same in our store management app, using nothing but your phone or tablet:

  • Get full control over your payments and shipping methods:

    Ecwid Mobile app for iOS

  • Edit your free e-commerce website’s content such as store info, logo, business hours and more.
  • Design your storefront appearance with ready-made options or build a unique theme.
  • Open or close your store for customers whenever you need it.

New on Android:

  • Upload multiple product photos at once.
  • Set up custom report periods on the dashboard to track your daily, weekly, monthly, or lifetime sales.
  • Duplicate a product easily if you need to add a similar item to your catalog and don’t want to create it from scratch.
  • Use a more advanced barcode scanner.

Get Ecwid Mobile App for iOS   Get Ecwid Mobile App on Google Play

Sell on Facebook in the EU With VAT Included

Many countries use value-added taxation (VAT), for example the European Union and Australia. Within this system, the tax rate is often included in the product price.

We’ve improved the Ecwid integration with Facebook, so that merchants from countries with VAT post prices in their Facebook storefronts with the taxes in place.

There’s more you can do with your Ecwid store to fully comply with EU regulations.

Get the Latest Version of Our Plugin for WordPress

75 million websites are built on WordPress, and the Ecwid E-commerce plugin for WordPress helps to monetize those websites. The updates to our plugin arrive constantly. Some of the most noticeable summer improvements are:

  • A floating cart icon that remains visible while your customer browses your store. It also looks better and provides a lot of layout customization options. You can enable it in the Customizer menu under “Ecwid” section in your WordPress admin backend (Appearance → Customize → Ecwid).
  • Selector of your store’s main page. If you have your storefront on several pages on your site, you can choose the main storefront page to display menus and sidebar widgets. Get this done in Ecwid → Advanced. If you have a single online store page, you will not see this new option.

Learn more news and get the latest version of our official plugin for WordPress on WordPress.org.

Sell on Wix With a Faster and More Beautiful Store

Recently, we dramatically upgraded the design settings and performance of our store app for Wix websites:

  • Now the stores load speed is much faster. You can see new stores working faster already, and soon, we’ll improve the performance of the existent stores. Contact our support team if you can’t wait to try faster Ecwid E-commerce.
  • Apply the new flexible storefront settings without going to your Control Panel! Play with dozens of new design options to find the best fit for your brand. Change the layout of your product grid and product pages, size and ratio of product pictures, hide or show additional product info (for example, SKUs), add frames and more. With a real-time preview right in the Wix editor, you tweak your store appearance and see changes on the fly. This already works for all new stores, and we’re rolling the feature to all Ecwid stores on Wix very soon.

Install Ecwid in your Wix admin → Apps.

Return Abandoned Customers With Zero Manual Work

What if you were told that you can get about 15% of your lost sales back with no action required on your part? It’s totally possible with abandoned cart reminders sent via email to customers who left products in the cart. Now automated abandoned cart recovery emails are enabled by default (on Business and Unlimited plans): you have automated abandoned cart emails running as soon as you upgrade rather than manually enabling it in the Control Panel.

You can still disable the feature in Sales → Abandoned Carts, but this tactic has proven to be effective for many Ecwid stores, so we don’t recommend you do so.

Expand Your Store’s Features With New Apps in the Ecwid App Market

Ecwid apps are third-party services that can give your store more functionalities. Over 150 apps are available to try and use for Ecwid merchants on paid plans, and we regularly add more integrations. Engage with customers and boost sales with tools from feedback survey delivery to currency conversion to countdown timer integration. We recently added the following nine customer-pleasing apps:


  • Accept payments from anywhere in the world: Rave is a payment gateway for merchants in South Africa. It provides transactions via cards, bank accounts, USSDs and QR-Code.
  • Reward mobile customers: Zapper is a mobile payment system that engages your customers with with special offers, vouchers and loyalty programs. It is available for merchants in European Union, USA, Great Britain and South Africa.

A library of marketing tools

  • Create look books and product slides: Image Slider creates high-end photo and video slideshows with call-to-action buttons to increase traffic to your popular products.
  • Collect information and grow your email list: Form Builder enables you to create custom forms and choose from over 20 different form field options.
  • Add tabs to your product pages: Tabs for Descriptions serves just one purpose, but does it well — adding tabs to your product descriptions will give you more room for useful product info.
  • Create a media library to showcase your products: Image Gallery supports pictures, files, text, colors, videos, links, fonts and can help you demonstrate your new collection in a rich, visual gallery.
  • Add a countdown timer to product and category pages: Countdown Timer creates urgency and boosts sales by alerting the user that current deal is nearly over.


  • Quickly display product details in a popup: QuickView saves your customers’ time as they don’t have to go to the product details page to buy it. Your customers will appreciate this functionality if you have a large product catalog.
  • Survey your customers directly on your online store: GoFeedback will help you discover what you can improve in your store. If you’re not getting the number of sales you want and want to find out why customers are not buying from you, this is a way to go.

Developers, Here’s Ecwid API News You’ll Love

These picks are for those of you who want to build an app for Ecwid merchants or have clients with Ecwid stores:

See the full changelog → 


Here at Ecwid, we constantly pursue the best technology to make lives of online entrepreneurs like you happier and wealthier. Which of the summer updates matter the most to you? What other features are you looking for? Let’s chat in the comments!

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