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I’m an Entrepreneur, and I Have a Business Plan: Now What?

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Creating a business plan is crucial for anyone wishing to start a business. For an entrepreneur, the business plan is the first major hurdle to clear. But the job isn’t finished once the business plan is complete. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to say to themselves, “I have a business plan; now what?”

So, what must an entrepreneur do after creating a business plan? If you’re uncertain about the next steps in starting a business, this entrepreneur planning guide is for you.

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Entrepreneur Business Plan Overview

First, let’s briefly review what should be included in a business plan. Read our guide to writing a business plan for a more detailed breakdown of this document. The fundamental elements to include in a business plan include:

  • Summary of the company’s structures and goals
  • Market research, customer profiles, etc.
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial overview and budget

The business plan should serve as the roadmap to keep you and your company focused daily. But knowing which steps to take after writing the business plan is also crucial. Here are some of the most important things to do after creating your business plan.

What Must an Entrepreneur Do After Creating a Business Plan

File any necessary legal documents

Let’s start with the basic housekeeping tasks. Filing all necessary legal documents (business license, any trademarks, contracts, etc.) is a prudent thing to do once your business plan is complete. This step formalizes your business structure and protects any products or brand images.

Identifying your business structure (LLC, corporation, etc.) should be part of your business plan. However, filing the necessary paperwork to classify your business accordingly is often the first step afterward.

Conduct more market research

Your business plan should include some market research and initial marketing strategies. But the market, and your competitors, don’t stop changing the instant your business plan is complete.

One of the essential steps to set your business up for success is to continue conducting market research at all times. This enables you to stay on top of the latest trends and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Doing this can help you find your niche or strengthen your areas of weakness.

Conducting additional research is also crucial for the evolution and growth of your brand. You will need more research to devise your post-launch marketing plan and advertising campaigns.

Fill out your team

You may have had a few critical positions within the company filled while writing your business plan. But there are likely other roles that need to be filled. Identify which areas require the most help, then search for the ideal candidates to fill those roles.

Assembling a team with diverse perspectives and backgrounds can be very helpful. If you are not experienced with any aspects of running your business, hiring experienced team members in those positions is also a good idea. This allows you to focus on your strengths while receiving guidance from those who have done it before.

Produce marketing content

Your business plan should outline branding and marketing strategies. Once that step is out of the way, it’s time to execute those strategies. Ecommerce has drastically changed how companies reach and connect with their target audiences.

Traditional marketing streams are far from the only options these days. Modern companies can use social media to interact with customers directly. Content marketing and SEO are also great ways to attract organic traffic to your website.

Whatever your marketing plan is, focusing on creating engaging content for your brand is an excellent thing to focus on after creating your business plan. This keeps you focused and engaged while actively helping to grow the business early on.


Relationships and connections with other professionals will be a big part of your company’s success. It’s never too soon to get into the networking habit to build new relationships and encounter new ideas.

Connecting with partners like retailers, distributors, and manufacturers can also build trust, which will be crucial later on. Networking is simply a good habit to get into for entrepreneurs.

Gather tools

Do you have everything you need to run your business successfully? The answer to that question is usually “no.” Once your business plan is complete, you should take some time to identify all the tools and resources you’ll need. This could be anything from marketing analytics and website-building tools to basic office supplies and business cards.

On the technical side, one of the most essential tools you can choose from is your ecommerce platform. An ecommerce platform can help you build your online store, manage your business, and facilitate good customer relationships. For ecommerce entrepreneurs, ecommerce platforms are a central hub for everything related to your business.

Launch your business

The most significant step to take after creating a business plan is launching your business. Having a good launch day checklist is vital. But every entrepreneur should have a clear launch schedule and work hard to stick to it. This is the most exciting day for any entrepreneur, as it’s the first opportunity to put ideas into practice.

While launch day can be a day of celebration, it’s also the beginning of a long journey. This is your first chance to begin assessing your business plan and make necessary adjustments.

Continue to refine marketing plans, merchandising, etc.

As mentioned, launching your business is the first step in a long, difficult progress. Creating a business plan and launching a business is hard work. But running your business successfully is even more demanding. Remember that this long process requires focus, concentration, and consistency.

Stay focused on your company’s goals while assessing the market and your strengths and weaknesses. All of your entrepreneur planning steps should have prepared you for a successful launch. But maintaining success requires careful execution of your business strategies.

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