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What Is an ASIN Number and Why Does Your Ecommerce Business Need One?

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If you are thinking of selling on Amazon, you’ve probably already realized that there is something called an ASIN number mentioned in all of their product information and discussion of selling online. You might wonder what this number is and if you need to have an Amazon ASIN for each product you want to sell through the Amazon sales platform. For the seller just starting out, an ASIN number can seem like some mystery element that you just don’t really have time to figure out.

This question is relatively common since Amazon does not explain their ASIN policy upfront. I can take a deep-dive into the Amazon Seller Central Account information on your sales profile to figure out what they’re talking about. And if you haven’t set up an account yet, you won’t be able to access this information readily, and you might be feeling confused about what this number is for and if you really need it.

If you’re ready to learn more about the ASIN number and what it has to do with selling successfully on Amazon, read on!

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Is an ASIN Number a Universal Product Code?

An ASIN number is not a universal product code. It is the code that Amazon assigns to each item that is sold on its site. Universal product codes are basically just tracking numbers that are used to identify items. An ASIN uses the same logic but is Amazon-specific. A universal product code is a specific code that ensures that anyone can sell the same product under a different name or for an additional price. It helps Amazon track all the unique items sold through Amazon Seller Central Account entries within their sales system.

These numbers are ten digits and are alphanumeric. They might seem long, but no worries! The length only impacts the websites that have to use them! These numbers are assigned when a product is first entered into the Amazon system and then reviewed to ensure that they are not duplicates of other items already being sold. If you think that your product might be identical, ASIN lookup tools will help you create your sales entry with the right ASIN associated with it.

If you are selling items sourced through wholesale means, this can be a common consideration for you to make, and you will want to be sure that you check any item you have sourced in this way. Being able to sell under the same ASIN but at a better price can be very helpful when competing with other brands in your space.

Do My Products Need European Article Number Assignments?

The European Article Assignment number or EAN is not required to sell on Amazon. Still, you will potentially need to have one assigned to your products to have them handled by a shipping fulfillment company or to be sold on other online platforms. This standard and universal identifier verify that products are correctly tracked when sold online or in stores. These numbers are also known as the Global Trade Item Number.

Amazon does not use these numbers, and you could avoid having one assigned to your products if you are going to use Amazon’s fulfillment services and have no interest in selling outside of Amazon. Your product detail page will always show the Amazon ASIN number, but the EAN might need to be associated with the product for all other sellers.

Do I Need an Amazon ASIN?

If you are going to be selling through Amazon’s sales platform, you will have to have the correct ASIN number associated with every product sold. You might need to create a new ASIN when you enter a product, or you can use one of the various ASIN lookup tools to find the right ASIN for your needs. An existing ASIN can apply to your product, or you might be able to create a new ASIN when you add this item to your sales list.

Amazon makes the ASIN creation process easy as can be, and the ASIN number is assigned before the product is placed on their site and your Amazon sellers page. This process is a lot like Amazon and how it associates the correct identifying number, or ISBN, with books sold on its platform. Amazon will display this ASIN on the product detail page, and people can use it to look up the products they want to buy if they are aware of what an ASIN is.

An Amazon ASIN lookup tool can be helpful for you as the seller to make sure that your product identifier is associated with other competitors in the market. You will want to show up in the searches that customers are using to find products, and correct use of the ASIN number makes this process work much better when users search Amazon’s catalog.

What About Handmade Products?

If you are selling handmade goods on Amazon, you will still need to create an ASIN for the product that you have made to sell. You will get an Amazon standard identification number for each item you create, and you will use them in the same way that the people selling wholesale might. Make sure that you remember to use your product identifiers for versions of the same items that you have made in the past.

Associating your handmade products with the right product identifier can make them easier to search for and advertise. Amazon uses these index catalogs to help guide ad placements and other product sales algorithms that are going on in the background of their site. You will want to ensure that all of your handmade goods are correctly associated with their index catalog pages for maximum results from advertising and search results.

When potential customers use the search box to look for general categories of items, you will want to ensure that your products appear in these searches with their unique ASIN codes. Good bookkeeping is vital on your side of the product details for your handmade items. Amazon’s site will only know where to categorize your products if you correctly set up the product details. This process includes ensuring that you use the right ASIN number for each item you attempt to sell through your Amazon seller account.

An ASIN Number is a Useful Tool

Having an ASIN number can help you show up in product searches, and be associated with the correct categories of products on Amazon’s site. While it might seem like these numbers are just random jumbles that help a confusing system identify products, they are part of how Amazon categorizes entire groups of items sold through its platform. You will want to be sure that you are leveraging the product information portion of the create a new ASIN step so that your products can be found easily by consumers.

Amazon ASIN numbers are required to be associated with each item sold through an Amazon seller’s account, and they can help you get your products and goods in front of the right buyers with ease. Amazon’s online sales platform is one of the best in the industry, and you will not be sorry that you took the time to add your products and goods to their site when you see how easy it is to sell products through their sales platform.

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