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Tips to Make Your Products More Attractive

Tips to Make Your Products More Attractive

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A positive shopping experience can mean the difference between a shopper buying from you or one of your competitors. And how you present your products plays a big part in your customers’ shopping experience.

Take these two products for example:

DIY product photo

make product more appealing

The first product is cheaper — and you can clearly see it’s water — but at the end of the day, it’s just not that appealing. The second option is more expensive, and there’s no earthly way of knowing if there’s actually any water in that box… but it’s trendy, the text is engaging, and goshdarnit if those photos aren’t cool.

If you’re ordering your H2O online, we’ve got our money on the boxed water.

Two functionally (and molecularly) identical products, and yet, one is inherently more desirable than the other. And that’s the power of presentation.

Read on to learn some of our best presentation tips to make your products more attractive to your customers.

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Use a Flattering Storefront Grid

The human brain craves order, and online shopping is no exception. Customers want patterns. Logic. A simple, discernable way to effectively digest information about your products. So help your customers find want they want quickly with a clear, organized online storefront.

A simple square grid can do the job just fine. But what if you adjust it to the size and ratio of your products?

online store layout

Just like brick-and-mortar stores arrange long coats on hangers and t-shirts on shelves, your Ecwid store has the right display arrangement for your products. Big or small, horizontal or vertical, the right storefront layout can do wonders for your products.

To edit your storefront grid, head over to Settings → Design in your Ecwid Control Panel. If you created your Ecwid store a while ago and don’t see these settings, make sure you’ve switched over to our Next-Gen Ecwid storefront in Settings → What’s New.

Take Good Great Photos

Unless you’re selling actual garbage (and even then, you might want to think twice), product photography should be your top priority.

While it pays to hire a professional photographer in some instances, it’s not the ultimate determinant of success. You can read our article on simple photography tips to get started, but here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your photos reflect how the product looks in real life.
  • Have one main image with the best angle of your product, but include at least 3-4 different images for customers to scroll through. When you create a product in your Ecwid store, you’ll see hints on flattering product angles to get you going:

    product photo angles
  • Standardize the background color to blend in with your storefront template.

And check out our blog to avoid these common photography mistakes.

Write Soulful Descriptions

Photos are the first thing your customer’s see, but they won’t be the last. Your words matter — especially when it comes to your product descriptions.

At a minimum, a product description should provide customers with a product overview and key features. But we know you can do better.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a product description:

  • Don’t say your product is the best — explain why it’s the best.
  • Speak like your customers. If you sell to moms, stick to informal, emotional language. If you sell to men who look like aspiring lumberjacks, keep it cool.
  • Use words that activate the senses: describe the smell, shape, texture, or color of your product.
  • Cut the extra characters and format your descriptions.

great product description example

Learn more: How to Write Product Descriptions

Put Your Best Products Forward

There are two types of customers who visit your storefront: those who know what they want and those who don’t.

When a customer visits your store for the first time, it might take them a minute to figure out where to start shopping, especially if you have a lot of product categories. Make it easier by showcasing your best-selling products on your homepage.

If you’ve embedded Ecwid on your website, you can add products to your homepage using Buy Now buttons (see picture below).

products on the homepage

If you sell on the Ecwid Instant Site, add “Featured” products on the store homepage to call out specific products.

Showcase Your Packaging

Fifty-three percent of customers agree that the packaging material illustrates the quality of the product. So not only does the product packaging have to be good — you want your store visitors to see it too.

appealing product photography

You don’t need to invest in platinum bubble wrap to have great packaging — just try to make your packaging neat. Use materials that are pleasant to the touch, like craft paper or textile. And keeping plastic use to a minimum in your wrapping can also add value to your brand.

Educate Your Customers

Sometimes people won’t buy a product because they’re not sure it’s the right solution or how to use it. If you sell something complex (a three-step skin care program), innovative (a wireless endoscopic camera), or multi-purpose (a transformer coat), it’s important to teach your customers how to get the most out of it.

Complex products can be harder to sell, but their features are also an endless source of content. The same way Ecwid offers tips and tricks on our blog, podcasts, and videos to help merchants do more with their online stores, you can teach your customers how to maximize your products too. Shoot a couple YouTube video tutorials, write a blog, and add step-by-step guides to your product descriptions. Anything to help your customers feel confident and empowered when they use your products.

Here’s an example of our educational content:


To sum this all up, your product presentation matters. Presenting your products well with good images, formatting, language, and packaging is the key to delivering a shopping experience that converts. So go on, delight your customers with some great looking products, and score some sales in return.


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