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Posted Mar 31, 2015 by Thematizr

Simple Ways to Make Your Products More Appealing to Consumers

How you present your products in your store can play a big role in shaping your customer’s shopping experience. While your product images are an important part of the equation, consider how to tie in photos and product descriptions into the overall layout of your product categories page and product pages. By presenting a uniform look and feel for your store, it will appear more professional, help differentiate your brand, and better appeal to customers. Here are three ways to give your store a professional and consistent look without breaking the bank.

Use Good Photos

First thing’s first: make sure to  get your images right. While it pays to hire a professional photographer in some cases, it’s not necessarily the key to success. You can read Ecwid’s article on simple photography tips to get you started, but here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your photos reflect how the product actually looks.
  • Have one main image with the best angle of a product, but include at least 3-4 different images for customers to scroll through.
  • Standardize the size of your product photos keeping the aspect ratio and orientation consistent and/or choose background color that can blend in with the template.


Image credit: Thematizr

Write Detailed Descriptions

While photos are an immediate way to attract a customer, don’t take for granted the power of words. At a minimum, your product description should provide customers with a product overview and key features. While feature sets are great, make sure to paint the picture you want your customers to step by adding the benefits of your product, customer reviews, or related products.


Image credit: Surf Burro


Image credit: Thematizr

Use Colors, Fonts and Icons

Make your store unique to you by changing up the design. In your Ecwid control panel, you can change colors, fonts, margins and images, but you can also consider doing a search online for “ecwid+themes” to find templates like those offered by Thematizr. Themes are a quick and inexpensive way to give your store a different look and feel. For instance, the two examples below are from two different theme packages — the first layout design features a more flat look to the product boxes but gives the consumer a good look at the products and pricing; the second layout features the product boxes that pop out visually, but provides consumers with a small thumbnail and brief product description.



No matter what you sell, how your products are presented to your consumers matter in shaping the overall appeal of your store. Delight your customers with pleasantly looking images and get some sales in return.