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25 Trending Antiques to Sell that are in High Demand

10 min read

For those unfamiliar with antiques selling or just getting started in the business, knowing the worth of certain antique pieces is essential to maximize your investments.

Here are some of the most valuable antiques you should be on the lookout for!

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1. Original paintings

Look out for amazing equestrian paintings, iconic celebrity portraits and idyllic landscape scenes. Moreover, don’t forget to take notice of those with attractive frames and signatures; because these can all add tremendous worth!

2. Jewelry

It’s always worth your while to investigate antique costume jewelry and fine pieces of jewelry, as they are often valuable. You’ll want to get familiar with the markings on each piece you come across, which will help you determine what it is made of and who its manufacturer may be.

Also pay attention to any precious stones or metals that might add extra value to the item—these can truly make a difference!

3. Coins

If you’re going through your coin collection, it’s not impossible to find some valuable pieces. Make sure to take note of any old coins that could potentially be worth something!

4. Furniture

Antique furniture is a treasured item that can be quite valuable. To identify and ascertain the worth of an antique piece, analyze its state; opt for those in prime condition made from solid wood.

5. Militaria

Selling antique militaria online can offer a great source of income. It is an ever-growing industry, as people are always in search of rare and unique pieces to add to their collection.

An example of antique militaria could be an old World War II bayonet. These relics from a bygone era can fetch hundreds of dollars in the right market, and they often hold deep sentimental value for their owners.

6. Books

Not all books are created equal, and some can be worth more than you would suspect. By learning how to identify rare books, particularly first editions that can bring in a hefty sum of money, your next read may also become an investment. Don’t forget about cookbooks too! A quick search could reveal multiple collectible titles awaiting their rightful owner.

7. China sets

Many of us have received a set of china from an ancestor, but unfortunately most sets are not worth much. However, some are extraordinarily valuable and should be valued accordingly!

8. Musical instruments

sell antique musical instruments

Mayuri. Image source.

When you explore the attic or visit a thrift shop, be on the lookout for antique musical instruments. These items can hold some serious value and even increase in worth if they remain in good condition and playable! Pianos are especially valuable, not to mention violins too—so don’t miss out on this potential goldmine opportunity hiding right under your nose!

9. Sterling silver flatware

sell antique sterling silver

1880 Whiting Sterling Silver Fork. Image source.

Antique sterling silver flatware is an extremely valuable item. To assess the worth of your pieces, you must look for hallmarks on their backs indicating they are in fact crafted from sterling silver and then compare them to images of antique patterns to identify which pattern yours follows. Doing this will help you ascertain its value accurately.

Silverplate items may not be as noteworthy financially speaking, but it’s still important to examine them nonetheless!

10. Postcards

Don’t be so quick to discard your postcard hoard without first inspecting it! The value of vintage postcards vary depending on a variety of elements, but some designs tend to be highly sought-after. Look for cards depicting holiday scenes, famous people, and captivating historical events. Postcards with matte printing or featuring advertising are also often worth more than other types as they can add additional appeal and monetary value.

11. Clocks

sell antique clocks

Seth Thomas adamantine mantel clock C.1911. Image source.

Not only can rare antique clocks garner prices of up to $100,000 or more; even more ordinary models are worth money! Clocks with a certain aesthetic that reflects an era and decorating style are highly sought-after by both designers and collectors alike.

12. Toys

Antique toys are one of the most sought-after collectibles that many people crave. They bring forth a pleasant connection to their childhood memories which is likely why they are allured to them in the first place, encouraging them even further to acquire these nostalgia-inducing items.

13. Music boxes

Antique music boxes offer an elegant piece of history that can be appreciated by buyers. They usually have intricate designs and have been crafted from quality materials, making them collectibles that can appreciate over time.

14. Chandeliers and light fixtures

Timeless antique chandeliers are invaluable architectural relics that can be rescued from demolished or remodeled dwellings. As styles evolve, these light fixtures become coveted once more for their stunningly unique aesthetic and historic character—often worth a handsome sum of money!

15. Art pottery

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, art pottery experienced a surge in popularity among American households. Handcrafted with distinctiveness, these pieces exemplified designs set forth by their producing companies.

16. Fancy barware

Many barware sets hold value, though it typically falls between $50 and $100 depending on the materials and design. If you own a unique barware piece, however, it may be worth more.

17. Glassware

sell antique glassware

Antique Set French Crystal Wine/ Water Glasses. Image source.

An enjoyable and cost-effective pastime, collecting glassware can be a rewarding experience. If you come across pieces of colored glass in prime condition with standout patterns, they could potentially be worth quite the fortune!

18. Stained and leaded glass windows

If the existing windows showcase elaborate leaded glass features or attractive stained glass details, they may be worth a great deal of money. Antique stained glass components can range from intricate to straightforward but are usually treasured for their historic charm and capacity to add a unique character to any building.

19. Lighting

Exquisite antique lamps of various designs are highly sought-after products. With a bit of rewiring, these classic pieces can become part of your home decor and be given a new lease on life!

20. Old cameras and lenses

If you think antique cameras and lenses are worth a few bucks, prepare to be surprised. Brass-made lenses can even fetch up to three thousand dollars on the market! Many old models in excellent condition often get close or exceed that price tag.

21. Perfume bottles

From ornate glass and crystal to stone, antique perfume bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials—providing endless opportunities for stunning display pieces.

22. Vinyl records

sell antique vinyl records

Hungarian Pathé record. Image source.

Vinyl records are a great way to celebrate the past. They are a unique and special type of antique that can fetch a steep price in the right market. With their deep bass and crisp sound, they make for an immersive listening experience that digital formats simply can’t match.

Vinyl records also often feature beautiful artwork and collectible sleeves, making them highly sought after by collectors.

23. Typewriters

Typewriters are a timeless piece of technology that has been around since the industrial revolution. They offer a unique writing experience, one that is far different than modern computers or phones. A vintage typewriter can make an impressive addition to any home or office decor, while providing a way to write documents with precision and quality. With their classic clacking sound and sturdy design, typewriters offer an antique charm that will be appreciated by many.

24. Harmonicas

Harmonicas are a unique and versatile instrument, beloved for its portability and classic sound. Their simple design has been around since the 1800s, allowing musicians to take on any genre with ease.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, making them an eye-catching addition to any collection.

25. Maps

sell antique maps

Tornado Map of The USA Since 1794. Image source.

Antique maps have a special place in the hearts of many collectors. These valuable artifacts provide a snapshot of history and can reveal stories about our past that are now forgotten. They feature intricate details, vibrant colors and captivating calligraphy art that make them a unique addition to any collection.

Whether it’s an intricately-crafted chart of the New World or a 19th-century world atlas, antique maps tell stories that offer insights into days gone by.

Get an Appraisal to Know for Sure

If you suspect you may have a valuable item, like an antique figurine worth money, it’s always a good idea to double check with an appraisal. You can get antiques appraised online or visit a local professional for help. Either way, you’ll know for sure whether you’ve found a treasure.

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