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Posted Feb 16, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team

Top Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Business

As the third most popular social network, with more than 70 million users, Pinterest is a great way to boost awareness not only for your products but your store. The social platform, which is based largely on images will strengthen your brand, drive leads and conversions, and allow you to become an authority in your industry.

Incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy is a smart move, especially when combined with the top tools to maximize the value of your marketing efforts. Utilizing Pinterest tools increases the success of your Pinterest campaign while providing comprehensive insight to help manage your strategy more effectively.

Image Creation Tools

A picture says a thousand words and is more engaging than written text. Consumers prefer images because they are simple to scan, easy to remember, and more compelling.

To be successful on Pinterest, you need quality and compelling images to capture consumers. Image creation tools allow you to do just that. Canva is one tool that allows you to create high impact visuals with preformatted layouts, while PicMonkey has flexible image editing capabilities.

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Management Tools

Streamline your business with Pinterest management tools to save time by scheduling pins, managing your presence, and running contests and promotions. The popular tool Hootsuite allows you to build your Twitter presence while promoting your pinning strategy. With a complete scheduling system, you’ll cut time from your already busy schedule.

ViralTag is a management tool that’s similar to Hootsuite; however, with ViralTag, you’ll not only schedule posts but view valuable analytics to monitor your account and strategy. Olapic offers benefits similar to Hootsuite and ViralTag but is different as it’s a comprehensive tool for running contests and promotions. You’ll launch, track, and analyze your promotions to build engagement and leads.



Analytic Tools

Analytic tools for Pinterest are your secret weapon. Not only will you discover what aspects of your marketing campaign are most effective, but you’ll also gain information about your followers. Then, use the data to customize your marketing approach to generate more leads. Tools like Tailwind provide a deeper scope of information relating to your pins and their performance. You can keep track of your images and how often they are shared with tools like Tailwind to help build engagement.

Additional Tools

Sharing quotes in an image form is a huge trend, even on Pinterest. ShareAsImage allows you to create a picture with a quote to share to your Pinterest community. To build your community, WooBox allows you to increase your followers by tapping into your current community on other social media networks by installing the Pinterest Tab.

With Pinterest orders exceeding those of Facebook and Twitter, you’ll unleash a huge sales potential when utilizing the platform in your marketing campaign. With only 60 percent of major brands using Pinterest, there are enormous possibilities for you to jump ahead of your competition by using the platform. The Pinterest tools will help you make the most of your time while promoting your Pinterest strategy in your favor for a higher ROI.