Creating the Best Product Descriptions: The New Editor for All Ecwid Stores

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When shoppers visit your store, they are first drawn to the photos of your products. If these catch their interest, they are then drawn to the product’s description. This is the most common shopping behaviour, and both steps are essential to successful sales. Clear and well-crafted descriptions will ensure that your goods do not merely gather dust in your warehouse, and instead get shipped to a satisfied customer.

The article will be useful to all owners Ecwid stores, especially those who need advice on how to create top-notch presentations of their products. Let’s go!

Create beautiful goods description

Text descriptions of your products must not only be informative, but also personally persuasive. When a customer reads a description that is more than just a list of product statistics, the chances that they will purchase your products increase drastically.

With the new editor in the toolbar you can easily format the text as you wish: manage fonts, headings, change the alignment of the text, add lists and tables, and so on.


Tip: Think about what information you would like to see if you were buying this product. Would you need to see a description of the shape, size and composition of the material? Would you be more likely to buy if delivery were included? Fully describe your product, and do not forget to list the major benefits of the products, to dispel any doubts the buyer may have.

In other words, include all the necessary product statistics, as well any benefits of your product that may persuade your shoppers.

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Type in a full-screen mode

Is it too distracting to type in a small window? Do not worry — you can expand your editor window into full-screen mode for distraction-free writing.


The new editor works well on mobile devices. Now you can freely edit your products from your iPad, sitting on a park bench, rather than stuck in your office.

Add videos and pictures

Incorporating videos of your products is extremely advantageous to separate you from your competition. It is an easy way to enable your customers to “interact” with your product before they buy, giving them a huge boost in confidence about the quality of what they are purchasing.

Adding pictures and video to the description will also catch the attention of even the most inattentive and hurried customers.

    • Images do not need to be inserted by links anymore. Now they can be loaded directly into Ecwid (click “Insert picture” and download one) — pictures themselves are inserted into the description, and are stored safely on our servers.


  • Add a short description to the Youtube video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand.

Add testimonials

When a customer selects a product, they want to know the opinion of people who have already used them. Help your customers — in the text description, include feedback from those who have already purchased your products. Nothing sells a product better than the report of a satisfied customer.

Use the Quote tool (Formatting → Quote) — Ecwid will take care of the design, so buyers can easily see customer reviews.


Tip: It’s great when you can read the experiences of other people who have purchased the product. It is most helpful when the reviews are practical and realistic. Only include truthful and informative reviews for the best customer care. A buyer who is satisfied with your product is likely to buy again (and encourage others to do so,) unlike the person who had incorrect expectations of your products and was surprised at what they received.

Feel like a pro? Use the HTML editor

If you need more options for formatting text, use the HTML editor.

To do this, select the <> tool on the right of your toolbar for HTML markup. (Some text and tags here are required.) The new editor quickly switches to the source code editing window without the hassle of pop-ups.


Cool syntax highlighting

After manual editing of HTML, all the changes can be viewed by clicking on the tab for normal text editing.

The new editor is able to do even more…

1) Quickly detects links: when you insert links, the editor understands if it is a picture, a video, or a link, and acts appropriately — insert image, video, or beautifully designed link.


2) It works faster than ever.
3) Enables multiple languages: The Control Panel and all menus will display in your preferred language.
4) Intelligently handles text inserted from other editors, such as Microsoft Word. Codes and styles used by other editors will not cause conflicts.
5) It runs globally across your admin. The new editor is not only used for product descriptions, but in any other places in the control panel where you add text:

  • Welcome text
  • Description of categories
  • Instructions for payment methods
  • Legal pages



There is no one better than the seller to write descriptive text for their products. They have inside knowledge of the product, the market and the buyer. These are all you need to properly highlight your products, and answer any questions your customers may have.

Ecwid gives you this handy tool to make your ideas and expertise take shape on the product page. Unlock the full potential of our new editor to write literary masterpieces on the pages of your store.

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