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Posted Jan 5, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

The Best New Ecwid Apps Of The Season

Ecwid’s App Market makes it a snap to tailor your e-commerce operations to your liking, and developers use our API to build new apps, tools, and extensions for the platform all the time. With an ever-growing collection of unique plugins to help you hit e-commerce home runs, we thought you’d appreciate a guided look at the latest members in our family of helpful widgets.

Okey, please meet some of the newest apps that Ecwid supports.


When you plug FreshBooks into Ecwid, you can simply spend more time managing the practical aspects of your business and spend less time fretting over whether the financial details are synced between systems.
Small business owners around the world make use of FreshBooks as their go-to software for invoicing and accounting. The Toronto-based software company helps automate and manage your business’s financial processes—it becomes a painless task to do all manner of revenue tracking and reporting.

Its software is smart enough to handle multiple currencies, sending email-based invoices and receipts, and creating client profiles with every new order so that you get to know who your customers are.

Keeping the books becomes an intuitive, easy practice. This FreshBooks integration is yours for $4.99 per month.


If you want to increase conversions, your e-commerce shop should probably have a human associate on hand to answer questions, just as a brick-and-mortar store has employees on staff to provide support to customers as needed.


We’ve all visited websites that offer a chat box for you to communicate with employees of the site you’re browsing. LiveChat enables the exact same thing for your own Ecwid shop. This full-featured plugin makes use of a support ticketing system, ensuring that every customer gets every question answered. Though e-commerce business owners might never meet a customer in real life, LiveChat provides a human, real time way to offer the next best thing to in-person facetime—live text-based conversation with another human being.

Adding an element of live human support to your store helps present it as friendly and customer-focused. Your first 30 days of LiveChat are free.

Exit Offer

What if you could give a customer a last-minute deal to entice them before they left your site? This is exactly what Exit Offer enables, turning those potentially bounced visitors into paying customers.

If a customer has items in his or her shopping cart, but is about to exit your store without completing a purchase, the Exit Offer plugin shows them a popup that is completely customizable.

You can present these customers with coupons, discounts, or anything you like in order to intrigue them into completing a purchase. It’s a valuable way to make a connection with a browsing customer, and gives you one more way to be sure your site visitors have every opportunity to buy.

This brilliant marketing tool costs just $9.99 per month, easily made up with one or two additional sales.


You no doubt spend some time doing a lot of the same things over and over in the course of running your Ecwid store. You need Zapier, which helps you automate a wide variety of time-consuming processes.


Whatever services you use to facilitate your online business, odds are that Zapier has them linked and can easily sync them to your online store. Want an SMS notification every time someone orders from your store? Want to build out your MailChimp email list inside of your Ecwid store? Want to automatically tweet from your store’s Twitter account every time there’s a new product for sale? Zapier can make all these happen and more.

Build your own custom “recipes” to make things happen responsively online, or choose from thousands of pre-existing templates created by other Zapier users. Whatever task it is you wish you were spending less time with online, Zapier can no doubt lend a hand.

This Ecwid app is totally free to use.


If you want people to know about your products, you’re obviously going to tweet about them and post to the relevant social networks to spread the word. But how can you do this gracefully, grow your social presence, and gauge product popularity all at once? One easy answer to that question is Outfy.


Nobody likes a mindless sharer on social media. Outfy helps you not only track how often you spread the word on great deals on individual items, but will track how well those posts get retweeted, repinned, and reshared. It’s compatible with every major social network you can name, letting you schedule your posts in advance, even if they include photos. It’s simply the easiest way to automatically share the best products available in your store.

Outfy is free to try, then costs just $.02 to $.04 per social share after that.

Import Customers

When you migrate your existing business to Ecwid, you’ll need a way to import all your existing customer data. In many cases it’s possible to copy and paste the majority of this information, especially if the amount of data isn’t incredibly significant at this stage. However, one easy way to accomplish this mundane but necessary task is with a free, Ecwid-built app called Import Customers.

For all Ecwid merchants on a Venture plan or above, this is a great free tool to save time and allow them to focus on selling.

If you maintain your customer data in a spreadsheet, that’s perfectly fine—this plugin is smart enough to parse that info and turn it into a compatible CSV file for loading into Ecwid. It’s a quick and simple solution to what might otherwise be a big problem.

Go get Import Customers for free today!

What are you waiting for!? Go check out these and all the other great apps in the Ecwid App Market so you can stay ahead of the competition this holiday season! You’ll find email marketing, accounting, shipping, and many more types of apps to give your store the spice it needs. Happy selling and happy holidays!


Are you a developer who wants to create an app for Ecwid’s App Market? Go check out our Developers Site to learn more, and register an app to get started!

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Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.