How To Survive the Content Marketing Boom: the Best Free Apps for Perfecting Your Social Media Images

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Don’t spend a dollar’s worth of time on a ten cent decision.” — Peter Turla

There’s never be enough time to do everything you want to do. It’s especially true when it comes to an e-commerce business, with lots of things being controlled and managed by a single person.

The rise of content marketing represents an opportunity to show your brand and product to loads of people on various social media networks. But it also includes some headaches: you have to create a daily dose of compelling, involving, and unique content for your social media presence and stand both your feet on the ground to win against your competitors. Most of the time, content creation is fun, but this process can also be time-consuming.

The average person gets distracted in just 8 seconds, but social media posts that include images produce 650% more engagement than text-only posts. It’s too costly to fail here.

If you are confused by Photoshop layers, tired of apps with endless filters, and don’t feel like paying somebody for social media design, these highly useful tools will give you ways around it.

Content Creator

When it comes to adding text to an image, this app will save you loads of effort. It has many beautiful text templates that are ready to implement for quotes, recipes, discounts, special offers, and holiday themes. In Content Creator, you can crop your image for almost any social media cover image, featured image, or post and add a logo to any picture with just one tap. It works perfectly on mobile devices so you can create gorgeous images on the go.

Here is what it looks like:

And what I got after:


Canva is simply awesome. Its intuitive interface will let you quickly create images with lots of free templates (they are updated for every holiday), or if you are inspired to make your own masterpiece, upload any image as a background and add text to it  you’ll find hundreds of templates for this, or you can type custom text blocks in cool fonts.

Add clip art elements, charts, and icons, then use filters to make your image more compelling. Every project is automatically saved so you can come back later to make changes. Canva gives access to the majority of features for free and they’re enough to keep you busy and operational, but the upgrade to the paid plan will give you access to any image, template or background within one window.

Canva + Ecwid


Use this tool if you need to educate your followers on changes or attract attention to certain products. Upload a photo or a screenshot and add text comments. You can point to the important parts of the image with arrows or other markers and underline key phrases. Skitch can make screenshots itself and integrates elegantly with Evernote. The interface is extremely simple, so it will take only a moment to create your images.

Have a look: it took me one minute to create the image below, telling you about new look of additional product images in Ecwid stores:


Do you have a great post idea, but no thoughts of how to introduce it to the world? Go to Designspiration. Search great designs and get inspired to create your own masterpiece. You can choose up to 5 colors and set your search to find images that match a certain palette. It’s a great way to keep to your brand colors incorporated into a design while still being unique, showcasing some diverse artwork to surprise and delight your followers.

I picked blue and white shades to match Ecwid’s color palette. Here are a couple of search results:


Create an image and send it straight to your social media channels! Pablo has everything you could dream of when you want speed and style on a new design. Why spend hours learning Photoshop if you just need to insert a logo and add a remarkable phrase?

Here is a screenshot of Pablo’s interface:


Adobe Kuler

This is another app to help create and maintain your brand’s style. Adobe Kuler makes unique palettes of different shades; you set a base color and the tool automatically picks four contrast colors to go with it. Pick up colors you like and use them in your social media images — set the text color that you’ll use in your pictures, or choose from among other details to help followers distinguish your posts in their feeds.

Have a look at the interface:



If you take content marketing seriously, you can’t pass this tool up. It lets you create content that goes beyond simple pictures — make infographics, PDF presentations, and professional-looking posters and reports. It has many free templates available to use for any post idea. On average, the traffic to the site increases by 12% after uploading an infographic, so hop to it!


Social Media Image Maker

No one likes the idea of memorizing the best image dimensions for different social media networks. This tool handles that burden for you, saving you from spending hours editing an image. First choose the size, upload your picture, then add a stylish filter. Play with the effects and then—hooray!—you are ready to publish. The interface is straightforward and non-distracting, and the background is great for color and design evaluation.

Choose this one if you just need a couple of small touches to improve your image:


Details to remember

No matter which app you’re playing with, there are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Start with a high-quality image from the outset.
  • Don’t overuse filters and other effects.
  • Facebook’s advertising policy won’t let you to use pictures that contain more than 20% text.
  • PNG files are preferable for Facebook, because it can reduce the image quality of JPG files once they are uploaded.
  • Images with white plain background are less compelling, since they might seem a part of the social media interface. Be colorful!

What other great tools are you enjoying? Let us know in the comments!

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