15 E-commerce WordPress Themes for Small Business in 2017
Posted Apr 14, 2017 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

15 E-commerce WordPress Themes for Small Business in 2017

If you already have (or about to create) a website with a store on WordPress, Ecwid is easy and fast way for you to start your own e-commerce business. The installation will take only a few minutes — just add the plugin.

Setup is easy even in terms of design. No matter what design or theme you use, Ecwid detects predominant colors and font and automatically adapts the store colors to your website style.

The hardest thing here is to choose the right theme—especially when it comes to WordPress, which has a ton of great themes available.

That’s why we picked the top 15 themes from our partners at TemplateMonster, which has a team of professional designers specializing in themes. They have over 27,000 templates for your business. Below, we picked the ones we like the most.

1. Trendomania — Clothing Store WordPress Theme

Trendomania is one of the best WordPress themes for anyone who wants to sell clothes, t-shirts, shoes, hats, or any other fashion-related products. You can customize the template easily and quickly, and it’s mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 15.47.35.png

Trendomania theme for WorDpress. View live demo

2. VEREL — Jewelry and Handmade Store WordPress Theme

Verel is a beautiful and elegant responsive WordPress theme. It gives the website an up-to-date style and puts the store’s products in the forefront. Plus: You can choose from a large set of layout options with this template so your creative juices can flow freely.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 15.36.06.png

Verel theme for WordPress. View live demo

3. Bailey — Home Decor Store WordPress Theme

Bailey is ideal for brands looking to communicate a clean, minimalist vibe with their brand’s website and online storefront. With neutral design elements and a focus on product images, this theme puts an intense focus on visuals over distracting text and clutter.

Bailey theme for WordPress. View live demo

4. Master Chef — Cooking School WordPress Theme

Master Chef is an aesthetically pleasing theme that looks great on any device. With a bold background image and an easy-to-navigate layout, this theme presents an opportunity to share eye-catching images that draw the visitor in. It’s a great option for food-themed stores, as evidenced by Tenina Holder.

Master Chief theme for WordPress. View live demo

5. TrickleUp – Books and Digital Content WordPress Theme

TrickleUp is another great theme that’s stripped down and basic so that your products can really take the spotlight. Ideal for digital products like eBooks and template, we love this theme because it leverages lots of whitespace—which allows the content on pages to settle in visually. With few distractions from your digital product offerings, this theme puts your digital products center stage.

Trickle Up theme for WordPress. View live demo

6. Steven Mosk — Art Photography WordPress Theme

Steven Mosk is a great option for photographers and artists looking to sell and promote their creations. Most photographers tend to have their own websites with a photo gallery, and it serves as an additional sales channel, too. This is good news, as submitting your photos to photo stock websites normally only pay the owner as little as 30% of the deal. Plus, with Ecwid, you now can offer up to 10 GB of downloadable files to your customers.

Steven Mosk theme. View live demo

7. Sculpture — WordPress Theme for Artists

Sculpture is another solid option for artists looking to showcase their work online. With categories that enable grouping by topic or theme and a bold header image that lets you spotlight your best work, this is a template that can help you sell more of your art online than ever before.

Sculpture theme for WordPress. View live demo

8. Marshall — Services and Business WordPress Theme

Marshall is a professional and polished theme that’s ideal for services, consultants, and business pros who want to communicate a top-notch online presence. With a simple color scheme and a clear, easy-to-follow layout, this modern template is a business must-have. Plus: Ecwid now lets you easily book clients online, so scheduling meetings and calls for your services is easier than ever before.

Marshall theme. View live demo

9. Callista — Charity & Fundraising WordPress Theme

Callista is a great template option for nonprofits and businesses aimed at charity efforts because it puts your brand mission and story front and center. Right away, a new site visitor will be able to understand what your brand stands for and how he or she can get involved. Take The Shoe That Grows as an example—and learn from their website approach.

Callista WordPress theme. View live demo

10. Furry — Pet Grooming WordPress Theme

Furry is our go-to theme recommendation for pet-related businesses. With a high quality pet image at the top of your website, you’re sure to make your website visitors stop and say, “Awwww!” A great example to learn from in this niche is Tukabear Treats—take a look at their strategy to see what might work within your own pet-themed website.

Furry theme for WordPress. View live demo

11.  Eventique —Tickets Store WordPress Theme

Eventique is an optimal choice if you frequently sell tickets to events online—and a lot of stores sell tickets with Ecwid. Nowadays, you can buy tickets for every kind of performance, from comedy shows to wrestling. This theme lets you showcase upcoming events with images and CTA buttons so visitors can easily find exactly what they’re looking for and make a purchase.

Eventique WordPress theme. View live demo

12. BODYFUEL — Sport and Fitness WordPress Theme

BodyFuel is perfect for health and wellness (even sports-themed) brands looking to promote a modern online presence in a mobile-responsive environment. Its background image helps reinforce lifestyle branding, and your offerings of services or products are displayed right below the main header.

BodyFuel theme for WordPress. View live demo

13. Addison — Fashion blog

Addison is an image-centric theme for online fashion retailers looking to put product images at the forefront. This is a great option for male and female fashion brands—and with Ecwid’s buy now button, you can even empower blog readers to buy products with one-click shopping.

Addison theme for WordPress. View live demo

14. CarRepair — Auto Services WordPress Theme

CarRepair helps automotive service brands build authority with this sleek, professional-looking theme. You can showcase brands you’ve worked with, outline your services, and help visitors locate products in a simple, easy-to-use format. It works, too: See how this automotive online store boosted sales by 300%.

CarRepair theme for WordPress. View live demo

15. Uptime99  Developing Services WordPress Theme

Uptime99 is great for those who help building websites and online stores. You can showcase your skills and services so that other online brands can get help building the respectable web presence they’re after–and this opens the doors for affiliate and partner programs, too.

Uptime99 WordPress theme. View live demo

More templates for WordPress

These are our 15 the most favorite WordPress themes suitable for selling clothes, shoes, digital products, paintings, and much more. Take your time and choose a theme that suits for your business. Keep in mind that when you want a new theme, you can easily change it!

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