Summer features — a lot of new great improvements

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Along with amazing new features about multi-device and mobile web as well as multi-channel sales we have released a bunch of awesome improvements.

5 new payment gateways

Ecwid now supports 5 more payment gateways:
 — American Express Payment Gateway
 — First Data E4 Hosted Payment Pages
 — BBVA Bancomer / eGlobal (for Mexican users)
 — Sage US (Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop)

Ecwid is a global solution and supports 35+ payment gateways working in several countries. And we still have more to add!


Our control panel is now available in Czech. And two new translations are added to the storefront: Albanian and Basque. So the total number of backend translations is 14 and the number of storefront translations is 45.

Email notifications

Ecwid can now send admin email notifications to multiple email addresses. Useful if more than one person manages the store, or if you want to notify your suppliers or drop-shipping company about new sales.

Import UPC and Brand fields

It is possible to import UPC and Brand attributes or update them in a batch. Good for merchants who didn’t fill in these fields when they just opened their stores, and decided to submit them later.
For instructions how to import products or update them in bulk via import, please, refer to our knowledge base.

New APIs for developers

We’ve greatly improved our Product and JavaScript APIs. Now it is possible to get disabled and out of stock items via Product API, and moreover, to get a list of products that have been updated since the specific date. All these changes make integration with 3rd-party systems easier and way more resource-effective.

We also added some awesome features to our JavaScript API:
a) Now Ecwid has a special JavaScript event that is triggered when content of the shopping bag is changed
b) new JS API function allows getting content of the shopping bag
c) new API to add products to the bag via JavaScript functions

These changes allow developers to create custom Ecwid layouts, widgets, and integrations. Want to create an addon or custom widget for Ecwid? Please contact us, we would be happy to help you.

iPhone app to manage sales

A few months ago we released an iPhone app to manage sales. Just download it, connect it to your Ecwid account (paid account is necessary) and get your sales at your fingertips! You can view all your sales placed in your store even if you’re offline, change order statuses, assign tracking numbers and more.


  • If tax is included in product price (e.g. VAT), product options are now displayed with the tax cost as well.
  • PayPal Express Checkout now offers a credit card payment option to customers who don’t have a PayPal account.

We hope you like these new improvements along with the features about mobile and multi-channel sales. We continue working on enhancing Ecwid to make it the best and easiest online store builder in the world.

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