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logo Have you ever thought about how fast your shopping cart is? We suggest doing so. According to many investigations your store speed directly influences your sales.
It’s a  well-known fact that every 100ms of latency costs Amazon 1% of profit. A 2 seconds delay is 20%, and so on.

Customers don’t like waiting. There are a zillion of different web stores they can go to. So don’t irritate your visitors with delays, your pages should open fast, period.

So what are the ingredients of a really fast store?

  • Well optimized shopping cart
  • Fast server
  • Tracking of the bottlenecks

Well optimized shopping cart

Your shopping cart may be overloaded with features, but all these features could actually hurt the performance of your site when you add many products and start receiving several visitors.
Not all shopping carts are created with performance in their creators’ mind. So they work nice with 10 products, but when you add a few thousand products, the pages are generated in several seconds. With millions of different web stores out there, customers simply won’t wait 10-20 seconds for a page to load to just purchase a product. They’ll just close the browser tab and move on to another store.

So when you select a shopping cart, ask the cart’s creators if it works fast with many products in it.

Fast server

Another crucial component of a web store is your hosting provider. If you use an average PHP shopping cart, you cannot expect a good performance on cheap $2/month shared hosting plans. Another negative aspect about such hostings is that as soon as you get enough visitors, they will block your site and force you to move to a more expensive plan.

So invest into your hosting, don’t try to save on it.

If you want your store to be really fast, it’s recommended to install it on a VPS or a dedicated server. Move away from Apache web server to faster servers like Lighttpd or Nginx. Setup and optimize your server. Yeah, it requires a server administrator hiring, but the result makes it worthwhile.

Tracking of the bottlenecks

Check your web store and find the parts that are causing slowdowns and high page load times. Optimize the code, add caching, and make it fast.

So to sum it up, here’s what you need if you want to have a fast web store:

  • a good server and an admin to manage it
  • an optimized shopping cart and a web developer to adjust its code

Now welcome to the next generation of shopping cart software.

Ecwid and Speed

In Ecwid we’re concerned about performance; we don’t like delays — that’s why Ecwid is designed to be an extremely fast shopping cart platform.

  • We use Amazon EC2 web servers optimized specially for Ecwid. You don’t need a server administrator, because we already have them. So when you use Ecwid, you already have a server administrator that checks and optimizes the server where your store is installed.
    You may have a usual hosting plan, but since Ecwid is actually located on our servers, you automatically get the speed of a professionally managed dedicated server, without any of the hassles or expensive price tags.
  • You don’t need a web developer to optimize your shopping cart either. Our developers constantly check Ecwid’s code so that you don’t have to. If we see the possibility to speed things up and increase Ecwid’s performance, we do it. And Since Ecwid’s upgrades are seamless, your store becomes even faster without any changes/work from your side.
  • Ecwid’s architecture differs from the other shopping carts.
    This is how usual carts work:
     — visitor makes a request
     — server receives a request and generates an HTML code
     — server sends the HTML code in response
     — visitor’s browser receives the HTML code, renders it and shows the result

    In Ecwid this process is improved. When a customer browses Ecwid pages, only the necessary information is sent and received in background AJAX requests.

    It’s like sending a letter using snail mail as opposed to sending it by e-mail and printing it. You get the same result, but the second way is much faster and much more efficient.

All of these components included in Ecwid allow you to have an extremely fast interface and browse all pages in your store without delays, regardless of the amount of products you may have.

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