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8 Different Shopper Types And How To Market To Them

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With the help of Ecwid, you have already opened your web store up for business. By now, you already have a pretty good idea of who your customer base is and you are ready to go out there and lay claim to your share of your chosen market.

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But wait—do you know which kinds of shoppers actually visit your site? Probably not, and that is where we come in to tell you about the eight different kinds of personality types for online shoppers, recently identified by CoreMedia.
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The Determined Shopper

The online shopping pro. This customer type isn’t going to be the one that needs persuasion to make a purchase as long as you have the best price and can get it to them in a timely fashion. However, they are the type that may also be the easiest to drive away if you don’t have your store organized.

This customer wants to make their intended purchase, and every step between them and a successfully completed purchase is another step closer to no sale at all. At the same time, optimized product selections may actually yield impulse purchases with them as long as it doesn’t interfere with their original goal. Getting these customers in and out of your purchase process as quickly as possible is key.

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The Indecisive Shopper

The opposite of our prior shopper, the Indecisive Shopper just stumbled in and wants to make a purchase but may not be comfortable going with the first thing they see. The problem with this customer is that they are the most likely to have to “think it over” and ultimately make a purchase somewhere else.

Your store will need to ask for the sale from this customer. As they haven’t identified their exact product yet, be sure to utilize smart filters in your store while also making sure to provide the info they need to make an informed purchase from you. Providing buying guides for your products will also certainly make this shopper feel more at home.

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The Informed Shopper

As the name suggests, this shopper already knows exactly what they want but wants to also make a purchase that will reinforce their already-formed decision. They will immediately be looking for the tools they need to have the peace of mind they need.

This one is fairly easy. Make sure that you include detailed specs on your product, such as sizing information, reviews, guides, and anything else you can think of that will convince them that you are the right place to purchase from.

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The Reluctant Shopper

This shopper, in many ways, is the Internet’s version of a guy that gets dragged into a women’s clothing store by a wife or girlfriend. These shoppers would rather be doing anything else other than shopping. This means that they will require the most engagements, and will need to be entertained to make the purchase from you instead of a different store.

The rule of thumb for this shopper is to make their experience interactive. Rich media, like product photos taken from multiple angles, and detailed videos that are made to be as amusing as possible will get them engaged. An opportunity for them to get direct or brand iteration will ultimately be what closes their sale.

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The Practical Shopper

This shopper has the makings of a boomerang purchaser. They want to buy useful products that will fit exactly the need they have in mind. Basically, they want to be able to reinforce their purchase with the ideas that their product will do precisely what they expect it to.

Giving them access to “how to” videos, searchable product details, and reviews will win this shopper over. They want to not only know how it works, but make sure the effort they put into the product justifies the purchase.

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The Emotional Shopper

This is the person that walks by the “As Seen On TV” aisle in the local shopping center and walks away with the shiniest thing they have there. This shopper hasn’t decided on their purchase yet and is looking for that product that calls to them. They enjoy shopping and are looking for that excitement when they visit your store.

Much like the Reluctant Shopper, this customer is best engaged by rich content like visuals or magazine-style layouts. They want to see the story behind the product, but also want that buy button to be right in the open when they have finally made an emotional connection to the brand or product. Personalize their experience as much as you can.

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The Social Shopper

The Social Shopper found your product and store from social media, like Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. They care about what their friends and peers are purchasing and will consult with them before, during, and after their purchase. They distrust brands and will ultimately be in the web store a very short time.

It is absolutely imperative that you have social experiences added to your web store. Making sure that you embed real-time social data will engage this shopper. Providing opportunities to engage in conversations about the products will win them over. If you can get social media influencers to curate your brand while creating interest over social networks, shoppers of this ilk will show up in droves.

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The Brand-Driven Shopper

Our last shopper is easily the one you want the most. This shopper has become a die-hard and loyal fan of your brand or products. They are making their purchases not only for themselves, but to support the product or brand itself.

This shopper needs a pat on the back or some engagement from time to time so that they know you appreciate their loyalty. Special offers or exclusive content are easy ways to accomplish this, and in return you can have them be your voice across social networks. Create reasons for them to return to the store often and to make repeat purchases, but don’t forget that this customer cares about pre- and post-purchase stages as well. Reward their loyalty and they will create more Brand-Driven shoppers for you.


This is a lot to chew on. One of the major takeaways is that each of these shoppers all require a form of engagement in order help them make their purchase with confidence. Your winning tactic will be to build a content-rich store to captivate the attention of any shopper, yet still be useable enough to make a quick purchase.

It’s important to note that there shopper types are not static. A single shopper can go from an Indecisive Shopper, to an Emotional Shopper, and then a Brand-Driven Shopper if they are getting what they need. A Brand-Driven shopper can also become more of a Reluctant Shopper if they begin to feel like their purchases lack value. You’ll need to not only keep your web store in line with timely trends, but also keep an eye on social networks so that you know what the general consensus of your brand and product is.

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