SEO Tips For Your Weebly Online Store

SEO Tips For Your Weebly Online Store

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If you’re powering your Ecwid store on a Weebly website, it’s important to populate your site with content that’s optimized for SEO.

Simply put, optimized content is searchable. By publishing content that is SEO optimized you make your content available to search engines and searchers. So, if you optimize your content, you’ll optimize your sales.

We designed some simple SEO for Weebly guidelines that break down and show you how to get your online store on the radar of those who are most interested in what you’re selling, increase brand awareness, grow your business, acquire more customers and capture an entirely new audience of shoppers today!

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. This article discusses what you need to know about the basics of Weebly SEO, common best practices and provides easy, and DIY implementation tips.


Content is one of the most important factors that will impact the rankings of your online store.

If you’re a baker, make sure to clearly indicate that your business is a bakery that overnights pastries to your online buyers.

The what, who, where, when and how of your business should be explicitly written as content all throughout your site and emphasized in the headings of the various pages of your online store. The more content is clearly stated and structured, the more readable and discoverable your store becomes.

To ensure your online content is clear, review your pages, headers and written content. After each paragraph, ask yourself if the existing content serves a purpose. If you can’t immediately pinpoint the purpose any particular piece of text serves, then you should consider deleting or editing it to ensure what’s written has a reason.

Weebly SEO Content: Important Terms

If you remember that the following fields are most important and to always populate each field with the correct information, you’re online store will meet Weebly SEO criteria in no time and will inevitably become easier for people to find.

Your site description is one of the most important factors when it comes to applying an SEO strategy to your online store.

Site Description

A Site Description should clearly and concisely explain the purpose of your online store to visitors.

By assigning a site description to your store you’re making your business discoverable to and by the world wide web — both robots and humans will be able to search for and find your online store.

A site description is similar to “we’re live and open for business” announcement. In addition to the important role it plays in making your online store known by and available to the public, having a proper site description is critical as it directly impacts how search engines rank your online store.

If you’re applying SEO for Weebly, we suggest you start by choosing a strong site description. A solid site description does more than just dictate your search rankings and discoverability, it provides structure. A strong site description is vital as it lays a foundation for you to easily build your Weebly SEO strategy upon. Because several important factors ride upon and are dependent on your site description, it’s best to begin by building your Weebly SEO plan off of and upwards from your site description.

Take some time to come up with a well thought, strong and appropriate site description. Once you’ve conjured up a description, enter it into the empty field labeled site description. This is simply a general description of your website that should explicitly state what the products or services you’re selling are.

For example, if you sell cookies, this is where you would want to write an overview of your cookie company explain the purpose of your site is to sell your cookies online — this will inform both the search engines and your visitors as to where they “are” and why.

To change your description, go to Edit Site → Settings and select SEO from the drop-down menu.

SEO for Weebly Site Description

An example of site description for Weebly websites

To further enhance your Weebly SEO content strategy, it’s ideal to categorize the content on each of your individual site pages and to label all page fields according to Weebly SEO standards.

Page Description

Similar to your site description, you want to have a clear title for each of your page descriptions.

Simply put, a Page Description should clearly and concisely state the specific purpose that a particular page serves.

If your online store has several sections each dedicated to a specific topic like FAQs, company history, contact information and menus listing flavor descriptions and prices, you have multiple pages on your site — all of which need to be properly labeled in order to meet the SEO for Weebly requirements.

If you’re wondering what to title a page that has answers to a bunch of frequently asked questions, consider FAQs for the page title.

SEO for Weebly Page description

This is where you can edit your page description

If you have a page describing how your company came to be and evolved over the years, consider “Company History” for the title. If you have a page filled with content that describes the flavors of your cookies along with prices, then consider menu items as the title for that particular page.

Meta Keywords

To optimize SEO for Weebly, you must add corresponding Meta Keywords, also known as meta tags, to each page of your online store.


Meta keywords for your page description

Meta Keywords concisely describe a page’s purpose. The content on each of your pages should be described using appropriate keywords that are applicable to the page itself with a written description that’s approximately 155 characters long.

How to Incorporate Weebly SEO: Checklist

To get your Weebly SEO done, go to Settings and do the following:

  • Add site description
  • Title each of your pages
  • Add page descriptions
  • Add meta keywords

Why You Should Create and Add Weebly SEO Content to Your Online Store

When creating SEO friendly content, it’s important to keep in mind that this information serves as an invitation for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even social media sites to visit your online store and all of your pages.

Once a search engine knows your site exists, it guides consumers who have expressed interest in your goods via an online search to your store, thus it serves an open invitation to billions of users on the world wide web to shop your store.

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