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Selling Kitchen Appliances Online: Is It Profitable?

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Traditionally, selling kitchen appliances has proven to be a difficult process. But, when merchants sell kitchen appliances online, the complications of transportation and moving the product are alleviated. Many people want to sell home appliances or sell used kitchen appliances that they no longer use, and it has never been easier with the introduction of ecommerce platforms. Ultimately, the best way to sell appliances is online, where there can be an easy and seamless transition of the product from vendor to consumer.

Yet, one prevalent question still circulates the ecommerce world: is selling kitchen appliances online profitable? The answer is yes, depending on the platform. Ecwid offers vendors and merchants a free account on their ecommerce platform from which these merchants and vendors can manage their accounts, track orders, have access to analytics, and market their products. The old days of putting up flyers and garage sale signs are behind us. Welcome to the world of ecommerce with Ecwid! Now, let’s talk about how to sell appliances.

How to sell online
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Setting Up an Account

Getting started with Ecwid is an easy, affordable, streamlined process that will allow you to sell kitchen appliances online with ease. Accounts are free with Ecwid, as is setting up your very own online store. Ecwid gives merchants and vendors the power to easily sell anywhere and to anyone at the click of a button.

Ecommerce seeks to neutralize the stress, time, and money that is wasted on being limited to a local market around your home where, if you’re lucky enough, a neighbor with a truck just so happens to need a new refrigerator. How likely is that, though? Not very. Ecwid gives people access to a population that is actively seeking kitchen equipment. In short, utilizing an online platform to sell home appliances will get you access to more customers, which ultimately means more profitability. It doesn’t get any simpler than Ecwid.

Marketing Your Appliances

With the right ecommerce platform, merchants and vendors alike can take advantage of social media outlets and engines that can boost public interest in all of their products. The best way to sell appliances, and to market them, used to be via garage sales and flyers. We all remember how stressful those processes could be. Now, with ecommerce platforms, vendors can sell used kitchen appliances with ease.

Ecommerce platforms like Ecwid offer those who want to sell home appliances the outlets to sell appliances online. Vendors and merchants can take advantage of marketing their product(s) on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and more. What’s more, vendors can utilize shipping methods to avoid the stress of delivering their appliances or waiting for a buyer to come pick them up. Users will have the ability to control every aspect of their business/endeavor from a single platform with centralized inventory, order management, and pricing.

Finding the Right Buyer

You’ll never have to waste time or stress about finding the perfect buyer when you sell kitchen equipment through Ecwid. With streamlined marketing and simple order management and pricing processes, the right buyer can come to you fast! By utilizing a variety of different outlets to market your appliance(s), buyers will find exactly what they have been looking for and place orders on your product! It’s that easy!

Ecwid also allows users the choice of selling on a website, social media, or in-store! With Ecwid, users can create their own website from scratch in just 5 minutes with customizable design tools that are easy to use. Or, users can quickly add an online store to their existing website with technology that instantly mimics your site’s current design. There is no coding or software installation required!

Users can also easily add and sell home appliances on their Instagram or Facebook feeds to let shoppers browse and make purchases within their favorite social media apps. Ecwid also covers links for TikTok, Whatsapp, YouTube, and more! Users can accept payments via Stripe, Square, Paypal, Clover, and other various POS systems. Inventory levels are also automatically updated in your Ecwid account after each sale or addition to your inventory! It’s truly never been easier to sell kitchen appliances online.

Information that will help you sell in different channels:

Considering Profit & Costs

Starting an account, website, or selling products on social media all comes free with Ecwid. When there aren’t any additional fees, streamlined marketing, order management, and the right customer can find you fast, it almost feels like stars have aligned. Not only that, but this boosts the profitability of selling kitchen appliances online through an ecommerce platform. However, there are a few plans available with Ecwid that all merchants/vendors selling kitchen appliances should consider. In most cases, if you are just looking to sell used kitchen appliances like one microwave or one refrigerator, you may want to consider the free option. But, if you find you have a knack for selling online and want to test your limits with Ecwid, consider the following plans.


The Venture plan begins at $14.08 a month, billed annually, or can be monthly at a $19 rate. This plan offers everything available in the free plan plus a mobile POS, store management app, discount coupons, automated tax calculations, social media tools, live chat support, and much more.


The Business plan begins at $29.08 a month billed annually or $39 month-to-month. This plan offers everything in the Venture plan, plus marketplaces, wholesale pricing groups, abandoned cart saver, Google shopping, eBay US integration, product dimensions, and more.


If you’re really getting into the process of selling with Ecwid and are considering using it regularly for additional income, you’ll want to consider the Unlimited plan. The Unlimited plan starts at $82.50 a month, billed annually, or $99 on a month-to-month basis. This plan features all of the benefits of the Business plan, with additional features that include POS, Square POS integration, priority support, 6 hours of custom development, and more.

Are You Ready to Join Other Vendors at Ecwid?

Whether you want to sell used kitchen appliances once or sell appliances online regularly, a reputable ecommerce platform like Ecwid is the most profitable and affordable way to go. Get started for free here!

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Anastasia Prokofieva is a content writer at Ecwid. She writes about online marketing and promotion to make entrepreneurs’ daily routine easier and more rewarding. She also has a soft spot for cats, chocolate, and making kombucha at home.

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