Google Shopping: Now Fully Automated and Optimized With Ecwid

Google Shopping: Now Fully Automated and Optimized With Ecwid

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As a merchant, you’re probably always on the hunt for the most effective ways of driving traffic to your store.

Hands down, Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world. We’ve made it a piece of cake to use that to your advantage.

Now, you can run automatically optimized Google Shopping Ads to market your products to shoppers at the moment they start searching.

The process of advertising your products on Google is easier than ever with the benefits of our new integration:

  • Fully automated advertising. Campaigns are built and optimized for you, completely hands-free.
  • Easy to use for everyone. Yes, even if you have little to no experience in e-commerce. Our step-by-step wizard will help you to set up a campaign and start selling.
  • Real-time stats and control over your campaigns. Listing your products is just the beginning. Our new solution is able to see granular performance data and make tiny tweaks to optimize your campaign, which saves you time and money

In this article, we’ll explain how the new Google Shopping integration works and how your Ecwid store can benefit from it. If you can’t wait to try the new functionality, feel free to go to the Control Panel and follow the wizard.

Connect to Google Shopping

Advertising on Google Shopping: Why You Should Use It

Google Shopping Ads allow you to create a paid advertising campaign, which displays your product information. This is an image, title, price, and your business name when people search for products online.

It looks like this:

Google Shopping ads

Product listing ads display at the top of search results, above search ads

Depending on your advertising budget and how frequently you want your Google Shopping Ads to appear, you can spend as much or as little as you like on these campaigns.

Creating a Google Shopping campaign can offer a variety of benefits to your online store, including:

  • Quality leads. You’re more likely to attract potential customers who are looking for exactly what you sell.
  • Increased site traffic. Ads funnel customers directly to your website.
  • Higher click-through rates. Customers are more likely to click on images than text when shopping.
  • Lower click costs. You can continually refine your bidding strategy for your campaign to spend exactly what you want to.
  • Reaching shoppers across the web. Your ads will be shown to people who are looking for your brand and products on, Google Images, and YouTube.

Three Steps to  Start Selling on Google Shopping With Ecwid

Launching your Google Shopping Ads requires zero special skills:

  1. Choose a target audience.
  2. Choose products to advertise.
  3. Launch your сampaign.

Setting up Google Shopping in Ecwid

That’s it! You’ve created a paid advertising campaign, fully automated and optimized right from your Ecwid Control Panel. There’s nothing more for you to do except tracking the results of your campaign in your store dashboard.

All Ecwid merchants on the Venture plan and higher can connect to Google Shopping.

To list your products with Google Shopping go to the Ecwid Control Panel → All sales channels → Google Shopping, then click Enable.

List Ecwid store products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping setup page in the Ecwid Control Panel

Then click Get Started in the welcome screen and complete all the necessary steps. Visit the Ecwid Help Center for more details. As always, the Ecwid support team is available to assist if you have any questions.

Google XML Feeds for Advanced Users

By all means, we recommend using our new automated Google Shopping solution. However, you may want to generate your products feed in Google format to manage your listings manually in Google Merchant Center or other marketplaces.

We are keeping this opportunity available for you. If you still want to manage your campaigns manually, generate and download your product XML feed in the Google Shopping format and upload it to your Google Merchant Center. This is also available under Sales channels → Google Shopping in your Control Panel.


Thank you for reading the whole piece — it means you are interested in selling on Google Shopping! We’ve prepared a special deal for the first 1,000 participating Ecwid merchants — a FREE $150 advertising credit voucher from Google!

Spend $150 within 31 days and we’ll automatically top up your account with an additional $150 worth of advertising credit. The offer is valid for new Google advertisers only.

Take advantage of the offer and let us know in the comment section what your experience has been with the platform.

Happy selling!

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So simple to use – even my most technophobic clients can manage. Easy to install, quick to set up. Light years ahead of other shop plugins.
I’m so impressed I’ve recommended it to my website clients and am now using it for my own store along with four others for which I webmaster. Beautiful coding, excellent top-notch support, great documentation, fantastic how-to videos. Thank you so much Ecwid, you rock!
I’ve used Ecwid and I love the platform itself. Everything is so simplified it’s insane. I love how you have different options to choose shipping carriers, to be able to put in so many different variants. It’s a pretty open e-commerce gateway.
Easy to use, affordable (and a free option if starting off). Looks professional, many templates to select from. The App is my favorite feature as I can manage my store right from my phone. Highly recommended 👌👍
I like that Ecwid was easy to start and to use. Even for a person like me, without any technical background. Very well written help articles. And the support team is the best for my opinion.
For everything it has to offer, ECWID is incredibly easy to set up. Highly recommend! I did a lot of research and tried about 3 other competitors. Just try ECWID and you'll be online in no time.

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