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How to Sell on eBay with Ecwid
Posted Aug 6, 2017 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

How to Sell on eBay With Ecwid

Ecwid merchants have two easy ways to put products in front of millions of eBay buyers through the Codisto.LINQ and Trimpo apps in the Ecwid App Market.

Automatically publish new products, update inventory and sync sales — eBay acts as an additional storefront seamlessly integrated with your online shop.

A New Sales Channel for Your Store: eBay

How to attract more buyers without spending a ton? This is an essential question every seller is asking themselves, and we at Ecwid have an answer — omnichannel selling.

Imagine being able to open additional physical locations with no rent and zero maintenance cost and no employees. Wouldn’t it be awesome to also manage all of those locations from a single place and keeping all your inventory in sync?

Ecwid has been making this possible since 2009. You can add your store to as many sites, blogs, marketplaces and social media pages as you want and manage all of those from a single Ecwid Control Panel. Facebook, Google Shopping, WordPress blogs and many other places are available for your store, you only need to log in.

One of the busiest marketplaces out there — eBay — is also available for Ecwid merchants with just a few clicks. There are two apps in the Ecwid App Market that integrate your store with these marketplaces: Codisto.LINQ and Trimpo. Apps are avaliable on Ecwid Business and Unlimited plans.

Upload Your Products to eBay in a Few Clicks

Traditionally, if you wanted to sell your products through another online channel, you would have to re-create your product listings on those channels. This is time consuming, tedious, and what’s worse, you would have to manage multiple sets of inventory, while still potentially overselling your stock.

The apps mentioned above integrate your product catalog with marketplaces. You simply choose products from the Ecwid catalog that you want to list on eBay, and voilà, your products are now on eBay available for millions of buyers. The apps upload product pictures, descriptions, prices and inventory levels.

So, what’s the difference between the apps and which one should you use? Let’s compare them.

Product import + +
Automated price synchronization + +
Automated stock synchronization + +
Available eBay sitesUSA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other sites, except Ebay MotorsUSA, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, eBay Motors, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, the Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore
Adjusted trading policy (shipping policy, return policy, management of discounts) + +
Product customization for eBay (price, quantity, title, description) — +
Data tracking + +
Built in Ecwid Control Panel — +
PriceFree betaFrom $29 to $99+ / month, free trial

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Connect the app that fits your business needs and make overselling impossible. You’ll know for sure how many items are available.

Get new sales from eBay

Try different ways to sell to find out where your customers are. eBay is a crowded marketplace that can help sellers of niche, rare products connect with their fans.

We asked an actual eBay seller, Dominique Frossard, to share his vision. Dominique sells vintage Jeep Cherokee parts.

Dominique Frossard

The buyer’s attention is limited to the product they are looking for. Branding and design are not in the focus. A teenager can sell his radio at the same level as the professional business. — Dominique Frossard, the owner of JeepCherokeeChief store.

Learn more about selling on eBay in his story: Driving Traffic: How a Vintage Jeep Parts Seller Got +300% Sales Going to eBay

Democratizing e-commerce is at the forefront of our mission. Ecwid extends its theme of “Sell Anywhere”, and selling on eBay is no exception. Please take advantage of this powerful opportunity and we wish you continued success.

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