Posted Mar 18, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team

Reasons to Consider a Pop-Up Shop

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your online store and get more exposure for your brand, consider a pop-up shop. Unlike a permanent, physical storefront, a pop-up shop is temporary and gives you the flexibility to test the appeal of your products, meet consumers in-person, promote your brand, and have a new channel for selling that complements your online store.

pop-up shop may not be for every business, so it’s worth giving yourself time to think about what you hope to achieve by setting up a temporary shop. Would your products make great holiday gifts? Then maybe kiosk at a mall during the holidays makes sense to boost sales. Do you sell organic home-baked goods? Then perhaps a farmers’ market is a good spot to gain local exposure. Maybe you sell parts for specialty cars like ReverseLogic, where selling at car trade shows doubles in promoting your brand within the car enthusiasts community and adds to sales.

Once you’ve decided why you think a pop-up shop might be right for you, understand some of the key benefits:

Sell More Inventory

pop-up store allows you to tap into a huge potential revenue stream to sell more inventory. Instead of taking a loss, push your old inventory that’s been sitting on the shelves to change the perspective a bit to sell at a new location.

Connect with Customers

Pop-up retail offers the opportunity to engage with customers on a personal level, attracting new customers and building loyalty among repeat customers. As you take your business mobile, you’re able to educate customers about your business and your products to build strong relationships with future business prospects.

Build Brand Awareness

Pop-up shops are known to generate a buzz among customers and media because it allows them to advantage from a new retail channel. Instead of competing with thousands online, you’ll narrow the ranks by soliciting to customers that are right in front of you. You’ll promote brand awareness by connecting with customers who may not have found your store if it hadn’t been for your pop-up store.

Cost Effective

Traditional retail stores are expensive and aren’t always possible for start-ups. However, a pop-up store provides you with a temporary storefront that’s about 80 percent cheaper than leasing or purchasing a traditional store. Plus, you’re not limited to one location. You can take your business on the go next month without the confinement of four walls.

Test New Markets

You’re always looking for the next best thing that will boost your business to the next level. A pop-up shop allows you to do just that as you test new revenue and marketing streams to launch products. As you test the waters with a temporary store front, there’s little risk involved due to the affordability of the shops, allowing you to make an informed decision based off of the results.

Market Merchandise Around Cycles

Leverage sale cycles to sell more merchandise with a pop-up shop during the holidays or take your business on the go to attend local events. By strategically picking an event or holiday and the right location, you have the potential to harness the customer shopping craze to maximize your profits.

Tap into Creative Marketing

The physical retail environment is full of window shoppers, offering you the opportunity to get creative with your marketing and advertising. Take a “get it while it’s hot” approach to turning those window shoppers into customers. With a little creative marketing, you’ll generate more customer actions to boost your bottom line.

As a small business owner, it’s important to find effective ways to reach your consumers and understand what products are resonating with them. If you’re ready to setup your pop-up shop, figure out what type of venue would suit your business. You can learn more about temporary spots to set up your shop by visiting online resources like The Storefront, check out the local listing of farmers’ markets in your area, contact the leasing office for a nearby mall, or search for trade show events that are related to your target industry.  Then, make sure you ask the right questions before committing. What’s the cost? What are the terms? Will you need insurance?

Once you’ve decided when and where to set up your pop-up shop, don’t forget to use your Ecwid resources to help you bridge your online sales to in-person sales. Ecwid’s mobile app can turn your phone into a mobile point-of-sale system that synchronizes your transactions with your online store so that you always know how much product you have in stock.  Not only can you accept cash payment, but you can also use the PayPal Here card reader (for US and UK merchants).

The beauty of a pop-up shop is that it’s temporary and is an affordable way to promote your online store, test the appeal of your products, and meet your customers — just be sure to give yourself the time to research and plan the best venue to capture your target audience!

Happy selling!

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